Maovember 2013

morgan zhao library project rep first maovember charity corntoss cornhole bean bag tournament beijing china at irish volunteer hockey bar (12)THE LATEST ON MAOVEMBER

Here are the latest updates, followed by info on the Maovember project, participants, events and VIPs:

- MoDown starts today (Sunday) at 2 PM as the specially labeled Vedett Maovember beer goes on sale at Two Guys and a Pie at rmb20 per bottle, all money to The Library Project (if you bought a pin, come down and see if you are on the labels). Up the street, Cheers will have hot mulled wine at rmb15, all money to TLP, from 4 PM, while Andy’s Craft Sausage will be doing a BBQ around the corner at Tavalin Bagels, with half of sales to TLP. Look for Ian and Troy from The Beijing Beatles to do some acoustic sets from 7 PM. More details here.

- The Brick hosted its “mustache bash” last night (Saturday), with money raised for The Library Project via raffle tickets sales (more than 40 prizes), a donation from the bar and Maovember pins and T-shirt sales. The donation handover will be tonight at Two Guys. Details and photos to come.

- The school we are helping is called Zhen Hua and is in Changping, north of Shunyi, in Beijing. It has 16 classrooms and 900 students but no library. We hope to change that soon. Details here.

- We now have over 100 members of our Maovember pin club. See the running list below!



Movember is when people grow mustaches to raise funds for men’s health issues. Maovember is a riff on that event, with the mao referring to the money (角 a.k.a. 毛), not the man.

It started as a wine-fueled idea with Julian Tavalin at this year’s Hilton Beijing wine fair: How about donating one mao per bagel sold to charity? Call it small change for big change.

Since then it has grown to include additional food and drink vendors, a charity cornhole tournament, sales of VIP pins, and more (details below). Given the last-minute nature of this project, and lack of time for due diligence on health-based charities, we went with an organization we trust — The Library Project (TLP) — and will be donating our money to a school in Changping in Beijing.

How can you join Maovember? Here are five ways.

1. Eat and drink
The following are donating one mao per item sold: Tavalin (bagels), Two Guys and a Pie (sausage rolls and pies), Andy’s Craft Sausages (sausages) and Cuju (rum and rum cocktails). Also of note, both Duvel Moortgat and Adam Goodman, known to many from Culinary Capers, will match the Tavalin bagel money mao for mao.

2. Buy a pin
Just like the people in this photo, you can buy a Maovember VIP pin for rmb50, with all money going to TLP. You get the pin, a warm fuzzy feeling and your names listed with fellow VIPs at the bottom of this page. Get your pins at Two Guys, Tavalin, Paddy O’Shea’s or Daze.

3. Donate directly
Are you on a non-baked goods, sausage and booze diet? Not able to get out and buy a pin? Donate directly to TLP via this page. To have your donation counted in our total, click the “Maovember” option in the drop-down menu re how you heard about TLP.

library project screen grab4. Join the Brick bash
The Brick will hold a co-ed mustache bash and raffle on November 30, with more than 20 prizes from donors such as Heineken, The Drive-Thru, The Garage, China Comedy Club, Slow Boat, Two Guys and Flamme. Raffle tickets are rmb20 at The Brick all month with the monies going to TLP. Details here.

5. Buy a Vedett
Duvel Moorgat will donate eight cases of beer — that’s 192 bottles — with labels featuring Maovember pin buyers. The plan is to sell them out of Two Guys and a Pie on the weekend of December 1 at rmb20 per pop, with all funds going to TLP.

More updates to come. If you have any questions, please let me know via beijingboyce (at)

maovember vip button

Maovember 2013 VIPs

(With many more to come. I’ve done my best to decipher the hand-writing of those who signed up. I also might have made a few mistakes. If you see something wrong, let me know at beijingboyce (at) and I’ll fix it.)

  • Amanda Scott
  • Vilmar
  • Iain Shaw
  • Paul
  • Ashley Howett
  • Bob Burak
  • Ernie
  • Puchunguise
  • Cromwell
  • Jukka
  • Danni Zheng
  • Randy Svendsen
  • Chantelle Du Tort
  • Yanni
  • Stella
  • Qian Qian
  • Natasia
  • Miranda
  • Louise
  • Jamie
  • Jade
  • Ann
  • Ming
  • Mark Leonard
  • Sarah Peel
  • E. Hewitt
  • Colin Chan
  • Garth Roper
  • Mike Signorelli
  • Alejandro
  • Terry
  • Drew
  • Richard Tan
  • Lucas Chen
  • Brian Breslin
  • Jinny Han
  • Josh Chaim
  • Yanni Chen
  • Paca Lee (2)
  • Phil Tregaseis
  • Morgan Townsend
  • Sarah Lumley
  • Volker Helfrich
  • Anthony Barnao
  • Ryan Moran
  • Sam Smih
  • Sue Zhou
  • Josh Kernan
  • Anna Lin Yip
  • Nestor Santana
  • Gavin Boyce
  • Frank Siegel
  • Andreas Block
  • Tobias Palmer
  • Morgan Zhao
  • Olia
  • Trish Smith
  • George Smith
  • Mona
  • Christopher Davison
  • Alan Kernaghan (3)
  • Chris Flack
  • Eric Henttonen
  • Jason Poulain
  • Bob Fuston
  • Yoyo Hsu
  • Mathieu Herout
  • Amaury Ramier
  • Gaurang Chandrakant
  • Vicente Muedra
  • Alejandro Sanchez
  • Nick Stipp
  • Xian Wu
  • Andrew Papas.
  • Kenny Lew (2)
  • Anonymous (10)
  • Andrew Papas
  • Susie Hart
  • Sabrina Tumino
  • Nathaniel McMahon
  • Matt Wong
  • Kevin Zhang
  • Jesse Jarman
  • Toby Jarman
  • Kip
  • Dan
  • Warren Pang
  • Steve Old
  • Frederic Muller (3)
  • Tyler
  • Nathaniel McMahon
  • Jay Ohnomon.
  • Thurston Freude-Schaden
  • Seth Grossman
  • Steven Schwankert (2)
  • Badr Benjelloun
  • Nick Papa
  • Qiu Qiu

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