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Bird up! Win four-course turkey dinner for six at Switch! Grill

UPDATE: We did a random draw for this one. I asked Ivan Matic of Moment Cafe to witness the process and make the pick, under the watchful of the even helpful Linda.

And the winner is: sarahplusone.

Congratulations to her and thanks to everyone entered and to Switch! Grill for providing the prize. Switch! will have turkey dinner for four straight days at its grill and cafe locations. Check out the menu below if you’re hankering for some turkey.

Who you calling ‘chicken’? (


Got a personal turkey-related story from Beijing? (And, honestly, who doesn’t?) Share it here and get into the draw for a four-course turkey dinner for six people at Switch! Grill — see menu below — from November 22 to November 25.

Maybe it is an anecdote from a past Thanksgiving or Christmas in Beijing. Maybe it is from that Halloween you dressed up as Foghorn Leghorn (yes, he’s a chicken, but I’ll count that). You know what? I’ll even accept entries about Wild Turkey.

This is the fourth straight year I’ve teamed up Debra Lykkemark and Billy Kawaja at Culinary Capers, which owns Switch Grill and Switch Cafe, for a Thanksgiving contest. And this year’s four-course meal includes butternut squash soup, arugula salad with candied hazelnuts, dried cranberries and more, turkey with gravy, stuffing, chutney, potatoes and more, and some fancy pumpkin pie to finish. Both the grill and cafe will have two seatings per day, from November 22 to November 25, at rmb220 per person.

Contest details:

  • Leave a comment with your Beijing turkey-related story. All reasonable entries go into the draw.
  • Deadline for entries is 6:22 PM on Tuesday, November 20. We will pick the winner that night.
  • The winner gets a four-course dinner for six people at Switch! Grill.
  • You can enter multiple times — some people have a near-limitless supply of turkey stories — but please leave each entry as a separate comment.

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Celebrity Pizza Contest: Ten Gung Ho! Pizzas + Case of Vedett Blonde = House Partay

UPDATE: Rich Akers of Gung Ho! went above and beyond and maybe even upside down on this one. Instead of just doing a draw, he apparently spent hours carefully analyzing each entry before ultimately picking a winner and giving kudos to other worthy entries. Before we get to the winners, a heads up about the ongoing contest for a four-course Thanksgiving dinner for six at Switch! Grill.

Here are Akers’ picks…

Honorable Mentions

“Mitt Romney pizza ~ White bread with very high edges.” – Alex
“Alan Wong ~ Alaskan crab meat, avocado, flame broiled tuna. Topped with imported Iranian caviar and edible gold.” – Alex
“Xzibit Pizza ~ Hey, we heard you were fond of pizza. We started with a basic margarita pizza with mozzarella and some basil. Then we made 6 more mini pizzas: mushroom, pepperoni, veggie, bbq chicken, tuna, anchovy, and put them on top of the margarita pizza. The crust is made of pizza rolls. Mangia!” – Alex

“Second Place

“THE KANYE WEST ~ Baked fish sticks (cod), Cheddar + Pepper Jack Cheese blend, Garlic Chili Sauce and Ranch, Jalapeños and chopped Onions.” — Kylie

First Place!!!

The Tina Tuna: A classic tuna and onion pizza on a tomato base, Jumpin’ (pepper)Jack Flash cheese, served on a dough that’s been rollin’… rollin’… rollin’… on the counter. Served with a side of perfect chicken legs.” – Mr Hao

Congratulations to Mr Hao and those he invites over for the ten Gung Ho! pizzas and case of Vedett Blonde from Duvel-Mortgaat.



Da Shan = Canadian bacon + Peking duck?


Like pizza? Like beer? Like creating recipes based on celebrities?

You do!? Then this contest is perfect for you.

All you need to do is pick a celebrity and create a pizza recipe in his or her honor. You will then be in the draw to get 10 pizzas from Gung Ho! and a case of Vedett Blonde from Duvel Moortgaat delivered to your home. Look how easy it is…

  • The Jeremy Lin: Topped with Taiwan sausage, New York style pastrami and slow-smoked beef brisket from Houston. Ideally eaten while chilling on a friend’s sofa.
  • The Da Shan: A layer of Canadian bacon hidden under a layer of Beijing duck on a crust lightly brushed with Ontario maple syrup.
  • The Charlie Sheen: Topped with any eight ingredients as selected by a drunk blindfolded monkey. No two pizzas are ever the same!

It’s as easy as mozzarella cheesy. Here are the contest details:

  • Leave a comment with the name and toppings for your celebrity pizza. I reserve the right to disqualify entries that are lazy ass, excessively rude, politically sensitive or have anything to do with Gangnam Style.
  • The winner gets an assortment of ten Gung Ho! pizzas plus 24 bottles — aka a two-four — of Vedett Blond from Duvel Moortgat delivered to his or her home.
  • If you don’t live in a Gung Ho! delivery area — in Sanlitun, Lido or Shuangjing you can guzzle and gulp your prize on-site. Or find a friend who does live in one of those areas and have a house partay.
  • You can enter multiple times but please leave each entry as a separate comment.
  • The deadline is Monday, November 5, at 2:37 PM.

Note: I receive no payment for running this or any of my other contests. I simply think it is fun and Rich Akers (Gung Ho) and Nick Papa (Duvel Moortgaat) agree. Frankly, I think they might be the same dude: I have never seen them together and they eerily resemble each other. Especially Papa.

The only place to eat a Jeremy Lin pizza.

The ‘Want Some Stuff, Man?’ Contest: And the winner is…

Hot stuff. (


What if the next time some mobile foreign salesman in Sanlitun asked “Want some stuff, man?” and actually stocked items you wanted? That was the basis of the most recent contest, not surprisingly named The ‘Want Some Stuff, Man?’ Contest. And people had plenty of suggestions about the stuff they want, including:

  • Sriracha hot sauce
  • Reese’s miniatures
  • Hot beef pies
  • Moderately priced avocados
  • David brand sunflower seeds
  • Velcro cable binders
  • Biscuits with sausage gravy
  • Cholula sauce
  • Fresh bagels with cream cheese and crispy bacon
  • Crest regular toothpaste
  • Non-MSG seaweed
  • Neutrogena shampoo
  • Bayer children’s chewable aspirin
  • Old Spice: Pacific Surge
  • Red vines
  • Coffeemate creamer
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce from Decatur, Alabama
  • Prime USA beef
  • Fresh oysters from Tomales Bay, California
  • Cowgirl Creamery cheese
  • A 90-point Napa Chardonnay for under rmb100
  • Keynesian-style economic reform
  • Nutter-Butter
  • Honey-glazed ribs
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft
  • Tartar sauce
  • Kazoos
  • Waffle irons
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Arrid XXX deodorant (stick, not spray)
  • My stolen bike back
  • An anti-street salesman spray
  • Visine Tears Dry Eye Relief

OK, perhaps not all of those are practical, but it’s a good start. And you can see all of the suggestions here.

Anyway, we put all of the entries into a lucky draw and Andy Bright of Union Bar & Grille randomly picked one as winner of a 100th Anniversary “Striding Man” bottle of Johnnie Walker and his and hers hats from Uncle Otis.

And the winner is the fourth entry, from Philip, who wants British beef, perhaps even a few cuts from the Duke of Buccleuch’s Scottish estate. Here’s hoping that someday Philip will be able to buy such stuff on the go in Sanlitun to later enjoy while he sips Scotch and wears an Uncle Otis hat.

The ‘Want Some Stuff, Man?’ Contest: ‘Yeah, I want some [fill in blank].’

(Winner of Name That ‘Tun contest to be announced shortly.)

The stuff that gets you sauced. (


Visit Sanlitun at night, and appear as if there is at least a .01 percent chance you might want some “stuff”, and you will likely get a pitch from one of many mobile foreign salesmen keen to provide his supply to your potential demand.

However, if you are like me, you are not interested in such stuff, thus the nonstop proposals get tiresome. I mean, I do want stuff, I just don’t want the stuff they are selling.

If such entrepreneurs want my hard-earned RMB, here is stuff they should stock, all of which they could carry a supply of in a large pocket or a small knapsack:

  • Packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. I love it on top of scrambled eggs and Gung Ho pizzas but can only get it via friends returning from the U.S. and Canada. I’d happily buy.
  • Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste. It is available in a few stores in Beijing but I would be willing to redirect my purchasing power to the smaller businessman.
  • Miniature sewing kits. I only remember I need one when I am at home and need to add a button. Too late! A gentle, “Want a sewing kit, man?”, would trigger my memory and generate a sale.
  • Single-serving vacuum-sealed packs of Tim Horton’s coffee. When returning home after a big night out, I would buy a few to ensure a nice cup of java the next morning.

No doubt, many people reading this post can think of other stuff. So, why not a contest?

Leave a comment by 5 PM next Friday (July 27) and tell us what stuff you want.

I’ll randomly pick one comment as the winner of a 750 ml bottle of the 100th anniversary “Striding Man” edition of Johnnie Walker Black (hat tip to ksquare) and his and hers caps from the newly opened restaurant Uncle Otis. And I’ll possibly add more stuff.

Want some stuff?

Name That ‘Tun Contest: Give this party area a nickname, win drinks-nibbles tour of Brussels, Ole & Q-Mex

Update: Click here to see who the judges picked as the winner.

When people talk about partying in Sanlitun, they tend to mean the area with Swire Village, Tongli Studio, Nali Patio, the 3.3 Building and that half-ass strip of neon-signed copycat joints otherwise known as Sanlitun Bar Street.

But what about the other Sanlitun area.

I mean the area that includes Rock ‘n’ Roll, Nanjie, Salsa Caribe, D Lounge, Ole, Brussels, Q-Mex, Q’er, and more. I hear it described as behind The Bookworm, or close to 1949: The Hidden City, or a couple of streets east of what once was old Sanlitun Bar Street.

The official address is #4 Courtyard, Gongti North Road. Try telling that to a taxi driver or your friends.

Anyway, I heard some bar owners talk about making a nickname, something easy to use when people refer to this area of town.

Sanlitun Courtyard” is the frontrunner, but the hope is to tap the collective brilliance of the city’s drinkers with a contest.

The deal: Simply come up with a name, in English or Chinese or both, for this area of town and leave it in the comments section. I’ll then ask a few bar owners to go through the names. If they like yours best, you can jump in a taxi with two friends, head to [yet-to-be-determined nickname of the area] and share this drinks and nibbles tour:

  • Brussels: Choice of three draft beers, with options from La Chouffe to Slow Boat, and a big order of mussels to share.
  • Ole: Three glasses of Sangria and a paella to share, on the first-floor level that is transforming into a Spanish wine bar.
  • Q-Mex: Three tequila flights and guacamole and chips, which should be a nice way to polish off the mini-tour.

Deadline is next Thursday, July 19, at 5 PM. We’ll pick the winner soon after.

(Personally, I like the names “New South Street”, “The Other, Less Shitty Sanlitun” and “The Huxley”.)