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bbq chicken iki korean restaurant beijing china

Boyce’s Choices: When chicken gets in the grill of pork and beef

Pork and beef are the top meat choices when it comes to Korean BBQ so it is nice to see IKI restaurant do such a good job with chicken. The bird below is coated with something akin to BBQ sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. During a recent trip to IKI, the staff perfectly grilled it, with the meat tender, juicy and a short but safe step on one side from that worrisome pinkish color and several steps away on the other side from it being overcooked and dry. Does this mean swapping out the beef and pork for the chicken? No, it means to get all three. If memory serves, the plate of chicken in the photo was about rmb40.

bbq chicken iki korean restaurant beijing china

Boyce’s Choices: Food coma-inducing set lunch nothing to balk at

(Note: Boyce’s Choice is a new section where I will group posts about my favorite stuff to eat and drink. If you find you generally disagree with my choices, then it’ll be useful in telling you what not to eat and drink.)

How awesome is it to get soup or salad and a half-chicken (with crispy roasted skin) and fries (that you can swap out for house salad) and coleslaw and (usually) fresh bread, all in nice comfortable surroundings, for rmb70? The answer: Rather awesome, especially as a burger at this same place — Union Bar & Grille — and its neighbors cost about that much.

This lunch deal is available Monday to Friday. And if you feel the onset of a food coma, tack on a coffee for rmb10. Bonus points to Union for its eighties videos, showing NBA highlights and those days when the featured soup is cream of salmon, allowing me to turn that chicken lunch into a kind of surf and turf affair.

union bar and grille half herb roasted chicken for lunch
Here’s your clucking food coma.