Canada Day 2013

The happiest man during Canada Day 2012 in Beijing…


Canada Day in Beijing 2013

Eat, drink and be merry, eh?

So, you are a Canuck in Beijing — or you studied in or worked in or visited The Great White North — and want familiar dishes and drinks for Canada Day. Like poutine. Where to go? Check the list below for Beijing spots that are owned or managed by Canadians and serving foods or drinks from back home. I’ll update it regularly with more venues and details over the next week as we approach Canada Day.



Poutine, Moosehead and Jing A


Jun Trinh wowed Canucks last year by making cheese curds that passed the poutine squeak test. He’ll have poutine again along with Moosehead and beer from Canadian co-owned microbrewery Jing A. Look also for Canucks to gather at 4corners on Saturday night for food, drink and a Screech-In following the CCBC Canada Day party — see the bottom of this page for info on both events.

Details: 6401-7797 / 西城 大石碑胡同27号 / Dashibei Hutong near the Drum Tower.



Nanaimo Bars


Simon Gauthier is representing the west coast with Nanaimo bars. Expect a chocolate base with oatmeal, coconut, peanuts and almonds. Topped with a concoction of butter, whipping cream, sugar and vanilla. Topped with more chocolate. Top that Cape Breton bars! Nanaimo bars are rmb18 each and will be available in flavors such as caramel and mint.

Venue details: 1) April Gourmet, 1F Lianbao Apartments, Xingfucun Zhonglu / 朝阳区三里屯幸福村中1层, 6417-7970, 8 AM-midnight; 2) April Gourmet, Park Avenue, Chaoyang Park South Gate, 8 AM-10 PM.



Stoney Ridge Wine


While Canada is known best for its ice wine, it also has growing still red and still white wine scenes. The Fairmont hotel will have a couple of these on offer from Stoney Ridge in Ontario. ‘Excellence’ Chardonnay 2009 is rmb145 per glass or rmb900 bottle, while ‘Excellence’ Pinot Noir 2009 is rmb165 per glass or rmb950 per bottle.



Canadian Pizza, Penalty Shots & More


This is the first establishment in our fair city dedicated to The Best Game You Can Name. Canadian Curtis Dracz, with an assist from honorary Canuck George Smith at The Irish Volunteer next door, has a solid lineup of foods and drinks. Get rmb15 off Canadian Pizza or all-day Canadian Breakfast with three eggs, bacon, home fries and toast for rmb35. Moosehead will be 20rmb. Hockey Shots (including the “Slap Shot” and “Cheap Shot”) will be rmb10 to rmb20, and the “Dump and Chase” — a beer and a shot — is back at rmb30.

Venue details: Beside Irish Volunteer, across from Lido Hotel.



Canada Day ‘Jing Eh’ Beer


Canuck Kristian Li and business partner Alex Acker started a brewery earlier this year in the confines of restaurant and bar The Big Smoke and are creating a brew — “Jing Eh” — to honor the Great White North. “The beer will be a warm bronze color with malty body and sweet finish,” says Li. “We’ve infused the beer with Maple Syrup which will hopefully come through nice. Also, we’ve added a touch of Sichuan pepper corn to bring out some pepper notes.” Grab a cold one — or a two-four. Jing A will also be at the CCBC Canada Day party and at 4corners.

Venue details: The Big Smoke / 6416-5195 / Lee World Building, 57 Xingfucun Zhonglu / 幸福村中路57号楼利世楼



The Great Canadian Sausage


Simon Gauthier is back with his giant sausages. These 48-centimetre grilled dogs come with Canadian cheddar and bacon. Get just the dog for rmb60 or the dog with two Moosehead beers for rmb100. Topping options include sauerkraut, olives, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos and loads of sauces.

Venue details: Xindong Road branch just south of Canadian Embassy.



Maple Beer

(while supplies last)

Pan Dinghao of brew pub Panda Beer studied automotive engineering in Canada and that naturally led him to opening a brew pub in Beijing. It all makes sense! Dinghao is putting a Canadian edge — maple syrup — on a red ale — nice color! — for a beer called “Red Maple” to be released for Canada Day. You might also try the five other home brews he has on tap. Get Red Maple at Panda Bar for rmb40 (330ml) or The Drive-Thru for rmb50 (500ml) from Saturday.

Venue details: First side street past the northeast corner of Beixinqiao subway stop.



Clammato PEI Oyster Shot

(Closed Mondays)

Canuck Chris Hebert and business partner Alisha Bailey are bringing back the Clammato oyster shot at Starfish seafood restaurant. This time get triple the Canadian fun as this shot will include not only Clammato juice and oysters from Prince Edward Island but also Crystal Head vodka from Canada. Add Tabasco sauce, Worschestire sauce, black pepper, lemon juice and house cocktail sauce, and you have a tasty treat. Note: Closed on Mondays.

Venue details: 6416-5499 / 22-1, Dongzhimenwai Dajie (across from the Embassy of Canada) / 东直门外大街22-1号 (加拿大大使馆对面)

CCBC Canada Day Party

Canadian International School

Tom Bailey, events director for the Canada-China Business Council, has lined up loads of foods, drinks and entertainment for this year’s party. Check the poster below for more details.

KA-0562 [ת»»]---¸Ä


Screech-In / Kiss the Cod Party



“Give someone a fish and you feed him / her for a day. Get that same person to kiss a fish and you’ll laugh forever.” — A. Blogger

Update (Friday noon): Due to the kindness of The Telegram newspaper in St. John’s and the Newfoundland & Labrador Liquor Corporation, a bottle of Screech was sent to Beijing. Unfortunately, it won’t get through Customs by Saturday night, so I am mulling over an, alternative. Update soon!

In addition to having poutine, Moosehead and Jing A beer, the plan is to hold a Screech-In at 4corners on the evening of June 29. Screech refers to both a Newfoundland rum and the sound people made when they consumed it back in the days when purity was less of an issue. Basically, anyone who takes a shot of screech, kisses a codfish and recites a short poem becomes an honorary Newfoundlander. I have a solid lead on a bottle of Screech so here is hoping this party is a go. Update to come.


I’ll be posting details on more venues and foods and drinks here over the coming week. If you have items to add or other comments, let me know at beijingboyce (at)

For more on last year’s s shenanigans, check this thread or these posts:

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