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Sweden vs Canada: See the Olympic gold-medal hockey game in Beijing

olympics hockey gold 2010
How about scoring a bunch of goals early this time?


The Canada-U.S. men’s gold-medal hockey game at the Vancouver Olympics was the most stressful sports-watching experience of my Beijing life. Packed into The Irish Volunteer in the wee hours of the morning alongside seventy-plus fans while downing coffee after coffee, knowing not only the game but the Olympic record for most gold medals was on the line, feeling the tension rise as Canada hung onto a slim one-goal lead and — ! — having my brain’s Denial Zone go on red alert as the Americans scored with 24.4 seconds left. I had enough acidity in my stomach by that point to dissolve the CCTV tower, the Bird’s Nest and every panda on this planet. Yes, Canada ended up winning in overtime, but that simply made me feel as though I had narrowly missed being pulverized by a high-speed rail train: grateful to be alive, prefer to never relive it. Then someone gave me a shot of Canadian Rye and all was good again.

Anyway, it’s four years later and this time Sweden and Canada face off in the final, 8 PM on Sunday. Here are some places to catch the game:

  • The Four Seasons: Look for a big turnout, including from the Canadian Alumni Network, at Opus Lounge on the first floor. CAN’s Richard Liu says the hotel will show the game on a projector screen and several TVs and have poutine and happy hour drinks.
  • Irish Volunteer / Hockey Bar: If you want a seat, get there early or reserve a spot via trishsmithus (at) I’m guessing ample supplies of Moosehead and Absolut will keep fans of both teams happy. And I’m hoping, in the spirit of sportsmanship, shareholder / chef Zach Lewison will make poutine topped with Swedish meatballs.
  • Paddy O’Shea’s: Given a strong turnout for the U.S.-Canada semi-final early Saturday morning, I’m guessing there will be plenty of fans on hand at this place on Sunday.
  • Cuju: Look for specials on Screech, Crown Royal and Absolut. I say mix all three together in a shot glass and call is The Hat Trick.

I’m also guessing other places will also show the game. I’ll update if I get any more details.

Greek sneak peek: Wine sampling at TRB this Sunday


Greek wine events are few and far between in Beijing but our fair city will see one tomorrow as Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB) hosts a sampling of a white, a rose and a red. Fans of these wines can follow up this sneak peak by having a bottle of each delivered at home for rmb588 total.

Even better, winemaker Mihalis Boutaris of leading Greek producer Boutari will be on hand to answer questions. Boutaris is no stranger to China given his involvement in a pair of wine projects in Gansu and as an importer. Here are the wines with descriptions as provided by TRB:

  • Ktima Pavlidis ‘Thema White’: ‘Clean, new world-style, perfection in fruit expression.’
  • Kir-Yianni Estate ‘Ramnista’: ‘Stand out for exceptional aromatic intensity and complex structure. The connoisseurs’ favorite label among Kir-Yianni wines.’
  • Kir-Yianni Esate ‘Akakies’: ‘An austere, yet sensual wine with rich taste and refreshing acidity as the only Greek AOC Rosé.’

The tasting is 1 PM to 3 PM on Sunday — February 23 — at TRB.

Seuss juice: The Beers for Books sequel at Great Leap this Saturday



And I would drink beer in Great Leap.
And I would drink beer with my peep.
Yes, I will drink beer with Karl Long.
And in a pub. In a hutong.
And in a mug. A mug or three.
It tastes so good, so good, you see!


Among a certain subset of Green Eggs and Ham aficionados that is so hip that members need three seats each when flying, they refer to beer as Seuss Juice. It is one of the many quirky anecdotes that involves beer and literature.

Less quirky is an event that blends those topics for the betterment of humanity and that will happen this Saturday from 4 PM to 10 PM at the Great Leap Brewing hutong brewpub where ten kuai from each beer sale will be given to The Library Project so a generation of Chinese children can grow up to be literate drunks just like us.

It’s called Beers for Books. Can you spare some time this Saturday to do your part and drink Seuss Juice? (Say! You like to drink good beer! You do, you like it, so I hear!) Be there or you might get Bukowskied, whatever that means.


Beer for Books

Great Leap Brewery
4 PM to 10 PM
Saturday, February 8
Doujiao Hutong (map)
rmb10 per beer to
The Library Project
You can order in food, including
from nearby Hutong Pizza.
Also, if you haven’t been to this
Great Leap for a while, you can
check the new digs while you
have a few beers, raise some
money for books and relax with
your dog-eared copy of Twilight.
Say, I won’t judge. No-I-won’t.


Click here for a photo essay of
the last Beers for Books
event at Great Leap Brewing.

Great Leap Beers for Books II Poster

Watch arguably the best Chinese New Year fireworks video of the past 5000 years


The stress of work deadlines, this blog’s enduring technical problems and a lack of preparation for the upcoming holidays recently inspired me to take a mental vacation and make a few (kind of) Upworthy-inspired headlines to celebrate Chinese New Year (see below). This also seems an appropriate time to post — as per annual tradition — a pair of Youtube videos for friends outside of China. They show the scope of the holiday fireworks here, as seen from my apartment window, and will awe and shock and amaze and surprise you. And, if you get too close, potentially blow your mind…

As the clock strikes midnight…

Just outside my window…

An Upworthy Chinese New Year…

upworthy cny

Year of the Horse? Meet the inspiring donkey that calls it discrimination.

If large gift-wrapped boxes of fruit were solid gold, these people would be the richest in the world.

You won’t believe what happened when this Beijing man spent the holidays asking hundreds of strangers, “Want some stuff?”

This man was blown into next Tuesday while playing with fireworks. How he returned from the future will amaze you.

Cut in front of 17 million people at Beijing Railway Station with this one weird trick.

Meet the dumpling maker who will change your mind about shredded cardboard as a filling.

When these people were told to stop letting off fireworks indoor, they did something amazing. They let off even more.

This foreigner’s complaints about Chinese New Year fireworks are worth .008 seconds of your time.

The shocking part of this photo isn’t the size of the dumpling. It’s why this man is eating while nude.

This man’s boss gave him an empty red envelope for Chinese New Year. You won’t believe what he filled it with in return.

The Year of the Snake will be out of work next week. You’ll be shocked at who offered it a job.

This little girl wrote the cutest epic poem about the difference between smog and fireworks smoke. Read it here. Out loud.

This woman’s daughter brought her barbarian boyfriend home for the holidays. How she broke them up with this one simple trick.

Meet the man who gave a Chinese orphanage two thousand kilos of fireworks.

This official’s son asked for a Ferrari for Chinese New Year. You won’t believe what his dad got him instead.

This foreigner decided to travel in China during New Year. You’ll laugh in joy and sadness at how he breaks down in utter frustration.

Most people think China has over one billion people. Here’s the shocking reason why they’re right.

This New Year video about color-blind people and red envelopes will bring a tear to your eye. The fact it is done in black and white makes it even better.

chen and a huge pile of money

Sips & bites: Last call at Scarlett, Daze, plus Janes & Hooch, Great Leap, Jing A

The bar called Scarlett held its closing party tonight — there was a 150-kuai free-flow booze deal — as Hotel G wraps up a five year-plus run in Beijing. I’ve enjoyed some fun times there but I do worry about where this guy is going to get his baked Alaska.

Daze — in the former Zap Urban Eatery space — is also closing. Look for drink specials today (Saturday) from 3 PM, including house wine at rmb25 per glass — see the poster below. I’m told the place will close for good on Sunday.

Cocktail bar Janes & Hooch now has snacks via Okra Works just across the way. You can get marinated olives, dates wrapped in smoked maple bacon, and more, and word is other items are on the way.

Both locations of Great Leap Brewery marked the release yesterday of the third edition of the “Yunnan Amber” made in partnership with Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai. This one has three malts, three hops and Yunnan tea.

Jing A is starting “brewer’s table” events that include a tour of the facilities at The Big Smoke, a tasting of the half-dozen beers on tap and whatever is in the tanks, and snacks. The first one is February 26 and costs rmb100. Reservation essential. Get a spot by emailing richard (at)

Also of note, click here for some Australia Day events this weekend and here for a list of some spots in Beijing showing the Super Bowl.

great leap brewery boxing cat brewery yunnan amber