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Sips & bites: Gung Ho, Pizza Express, Two Guys, Blue Frog, My Soup

Look for the original Gung Ho location on Workers Stadium East to reopen in a few weeks as both bar and restaurant. With the kitchen now upstairs in this two-story venue, the ground floor is being transformed into a 40-seat space for gobbling pizza and guzzling booze, says Josh “Las Vegas” Lally. Expect to have reasonably priced cocktails (by Sanlitun standards), a handful of draft options and a modest but well-thought-out wine list. There are also plans for up to 40 seats outside. The new Gung Ho is being designed by Cora Urdaneta, sister of chef Daniel of Mosto / Modo / Moka fame.

Beijing consumers bought their first pies from Pizza Express just six weeks ago and now a Chinese company has bought the whole operation, says The Guardian:

Pizza Express has been bought for £900m [~rmb9 billion] by a Chinese firm which plans to roll out the British restaurant chain in the world’s most populous country.

Hony Capital won an auction process ahead of Citic, another Chinese investment group, and four other private equity firms in what is the biggest European restaurant sector deal in the last five years.

(They could have got Pizza+ and its excellent recipe for far less.)

Two Guys and a Pie have added slushies to the menu for Friday and Saturday nights. Last Friday’s inaugural slush tasting included Pimm’s and Mojito options. It took the staff a while to figure out the recipe but they had it right by try number four. Slushies are rmb20 from 6 PM to 10 PM, and rmb30 from 10 PM, on Fridays and Saturdays. Look for more flavors in coming weeks.

It looks like a branch of My Soup is going into the former Dickson Noodle space in Central Park. Word is the partners at the original location had a “my soup, your soup” moment and will operate separate venues. I’ll try to get more details about the situation on this popular place.

And the newest Blue Frog will open in the Office Park, just south of Central Park, in the former Gori space close to Pudao Wines. I wonder if that opening party will match this one.

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