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Aluba: 10-kuai Tiger beer, Taiwan sausage near Workers Stadium

Event space Aluba opened in China View this weekend with a private party, a rock ‘n’ roll show and the World Cup final. Aluba can seat over 100 people — and handle many more standing — in its long main area and a pair of upstairs areas that look down on the stage.

The prices will be most welcome to those on a tight budget: rmb10 for Tiger beers, rmb10 for Taiwanese sausages and rmb5 for chuanr, with about a dozen options. I found the sausage rich and tasty and both the fish ball and fish “tofu” kebabs good, too. Look for the menu to expand to include items like roast pork and possibly that Taiwan favorite oyster omelets.

Like the menu, the venue is a work in progress — I’m told the place came together in a matter of weeks. One of the owners showed us images of Taiwan-themed murals and a tribal canoe that will be among the additions to the decor.

Aluba is in China View — the complex that is opposite Workers Stadium East gate and includes Hooters, Drei Kronen 1308 and Trouble Bar. It’s on the third floor of the building farthest to the south, the one that includes Tairyo Teppanyaki.

(Hat tip to Lew Vegas)