Four things to do on Fourth of July in Beijing for 2014

Today is the Fourth of July and numerous venues in Beijing are celebrating U.S. Independence Day. I got a head start on the holiday last weekend at the home of Texan Lance Crayon, who hosted an afternoon, evening and early morning of grilling and chilling. The lineup included BBQ ribs, chicken and chorizo, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, Crayon’s homemade BBQ sauce, and lots more. This is part of the spread:

lance crayon feast

Quite a holiday warm up! In any case, here, straight from the inbox, are four Fourth of July happenings for today and tonight:

The annual American Chamber of Commerce party is 4 PM to 8 PM at the Kerry Hotel rooftop garden and will include burgers, beer, hot dogs, apple pie and music. Tickets are rmb380 for members, rmb500 for non-members, and only available pre-paid. Details here.

Fatface and The Hutong will host a “really real” Independence Day dinner. The menu lists over a dozen items, including salads, wings, corn, enchiladas, skewers, chili, sliders, brownies and pies. Doors open at 5 PM, food starts at 6 PM, tickets are rmb200 prepaid or rmb300 at the door. Details here.

4corners will serve classic American fare today, including burgers, hot dogs and fries, “all with the option of being smothered in layers of melted cheese.” It will also features two bands from 10 PM — Violet and the Hunters and The Suggestions.

Kro’s Nest in Joy City will have a 100-kuai open bar on select cocktails and beers (craft and draft) from 7 PM til late. If you want to guarantee yourself a spot, pre-buy your ticket. They’ll also be available at the door until the place is full.

Other spots have stuff going on — Great Leap is doing a burger / beer deal, Tim’s Texas BBQ is having a party, BBC was mulling a PBR-Bourbon combo last night, etc. — so it shouldn’t be hard to find some fun.

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