Sips & bites: Boot, Bottle & Cigar, Migas, Agua, Tavalin, Andy’s Craft Sausages

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Look for Boot, Bottle & Cigar to open between Frost and Commix and across from The Big Smoke to open later this week. The custom-made doors were being fitted last night and the 30-square-meter interior is nearly done, offering a workshop-turned-bar-and-bottle-shop vibe and space for eight in the front room and four to six in a smaller back area.

Migas is adding party-sized paella to its menu. This dish measures a meter across and is best shared with a friend or ten. Also of note, this year’s rooftop food focus will be sausages, with homemade links, buns and sauces going into that space dedicated last year to burgers. Oh, and the pool parties should be start upstairs in a few weeks time.

Next door, Agua will see changes to its rooftop. While the long bar will remain, expect new tables, chairs and sofas to be added.

Kitchen-mates Andy’s Craft Sausages and Tavalin Bagels have split. No hard feelings, it’s just that the two are all grown up and each needs its own apartment kitchen. Andy’s moved into new digs just Xingfucun Road over the weekend while Tavalin remains in the kitchen near Workers Stadium south gate. No word yet on the official launch of that bagel-sausage combo.

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