Ming fling: Free 1421 wine to honor Zheng He tomorrow night

zheng he party at fubar beijing


A party to honor China’s most famous seafarer, Admiral Zheng He, is set for tomorrow night — Thursday — and will include an hour of free wine and two hours of deals by 1421, the company named for a highly disputed book that claims the man in question sailed from China that year and visited New Zealand, Australia, South America, North American, Antarctica, Greenland — pretty much everywhere.

The party is billed as a “welcome back” because maybe, just maybe, someone has another Zheng He book coming out that claims his subsequent mission was a nearly 600-year round-trip deal to Mars and he is slated to return to China any day now. (Just maybe.)

Whatever the case, the 1421 team will be wearing Ming Dynasty outfits and pouring free ‘Silver’ Chardonnay and ‘Silver’ Cabernet Sauvignon from 7 PM to 8 PM at Fubar. Those same wines will then be available at rmb14 per glass from 8 PM to 9 PM, then rmb21 per glass from 9 PM to 10 PM. See the poster above.

Dress code: Ming Dynasty / casual

Music: DJ BB Deng

Hot dogs: Yes. After all, if Zheng He discovered America, he probably found Coney Island and is thus somehow directly responsible for this.

If you want more info, check the Wikipedia pages on Zheng He and the treasure voyages, this National Geographic map of the fleet’s stops and this biography. If you read Chinese, here is a 20-page article from Journal of Chinese Studies (summary in English at end).

1421 Wines front and back label silver chardonnay