Finger food: This Pork Knuckle at Groovy Schiller’s

groovy schiller's pork knuckle beijing china
I took a dozen photos but none do this pork knuckle justice.


If you plan to order the pork knuckle at Groovy Schiller’s, you might want to bring a yoga mat or sleeping bag, so you can curl up in a corner afterward for a two-hour nap. Maybe it was because I’d had a few appetizers earlier, or my stomach decided to downsize, but that pork knuckle — in my mind, the size of Andre the Giant’s fist — was a gut buster. Eating it took 30 minutes and I imagined each mouthful — crispy skin, still warm fat, tender meat — rearranging in my stomach until a reproduction of the pork knuckle just consumed sat there. And dared me to move. Or avoid the hiccups. Or try to dissolve it with schnapps some guy from Austria decided to share with us.

Price: rmb50. Make sure you don’t have to work the next day.

Anyway, groovy times at Schiller’s. Jack Zhou — also of The Bar — is always fun, the staff is nice and the place has that “local” vibe. The new extension on the first-floor provides an alternative to the bar area inside the door and the room upstairs. Speaking of the latter, it has lots of potential. Maybe a quiz night? Or weekly beer tasting event? Or a space to sleep off pork knuckles?

The schnapps…