Paging Dr Seth: Jack Coke & ginger a hot cure for the common cold?

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but I’ve been to known to give unsolicited medical advice after a few beers. Like last night, at Home Plate BBQ, when one of the city’s magazine editors found himself on the verge of a full-blown cold.

The prescription: a mug of hot Bourbon, Coke and ginger, with optional slice of lemon.

Fortunately, Home Plate’s Seth Grossman is equally handy at dealing with the front of house and messing about in the kitchen. He worked some magic with the microwave to get that soda and ginger piping hot, then slipped in a generous pour of booze. Did it work? Guy looked OK to me.

This concoction is a riff on a much older practice of adding brown sugar to a kind of ginger soup to make it more palatable, with the cola now playing the part of sweetener. And the Bourbon component?

No one knows for sure. One possibility is that sailor Zheng He picked up the recipe when he discovered Kentucky in the year 1421 to organize the first bluegrass. Or was it 1422? I’m always getting my “Zheng He discovered Kentucky” dates mixed up.

Anyway, Bourbon, Coke and ginger: good for what ails you. The one below is the first I’ve seen this season.

(Note: In related news, it looks like Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale is officially launching in Asia tomorrow.)

seth grossman jack coke ginger at home plate bbq
Dr Seth’s smile says, “Also available as a suppository”.

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