Hot dogs and mojitos were two trends passing in the night.

Sips & bites: Gung Ho, T&A, 4corners and Harry’s Mini Bar

Hot dogs and mojitos were two trends passing in the night.
Hot dogs and mojitos were two trends passing in the night.


Gung Ho has rolled and tossed its last pizza in the Wangjing branch — for now. GHP’s Rich Akers says things were not developing as fast as the team liked, so Wangjing is being put on hold for six to twelve months while the focus shifts to planning other new sites. No worries for Gung Ho fans in Wangjing as the Lido branch — 5135-8557 — will handle deliveries, including of the new thicker-crust pizzas.

Tavalin Bagels and Andy’s Craft Sausages — known informally as T&A among some — have been teaming up on events and sales. Now they are taking the relationship one step closer by sharing a kitchen. This makes sense as the kitchen can serve as a bakery in mornings and a sausage factory in afternoons. With boosted capacity, look for more of Andy’s sausages and other meat products around the city.

4corners will simultaneously launch its Jing A taproom and kick off its Mo-vember charity project this Saturday. Register for the Mustaches Vs Evil Badness Charity Drive and get a free beer, starting from 9 PM. 4corners will also hold a Mustaches and Miniskirts party on November 30.

And Harry’s Mini Bar is set to soon open in Beijing and finally merge two late-night specialties — hot dogs and Mojitos. You’ll find this diminutive drinking hole on that strip between Sanlitun Village South and Sanlitun Police Station. We’ll have to get out the measuring tape and see if it is a challenger to The Mini Bar.

kevin zhang sambuca king fubar workers stadium beijing china (1)

Say bye, shot glass: The end of the Great Sambuca Wars

Starting today, no more sambuca.

With those five words, an era ended. Namely, an era in which virtually every visit to Fubar ended up with owner Kevin Zhang walking over with a grin on his face and a tray of Sambuca shots in his hand. That pungent liquid, those crunchy coffee beans, the sticky texture. I enjoy the occasional shot but it didn’t always go so well with my martini or Hendrick’s tonic or need for a clear head the next morning.

But a few days ago, like a white flag after a contested battle, came those words, “No more Sambuca.” And a visit that night found it to be true. Unfortunately, it looks like he simply switched to tequila.

kevin zhang sambuca king fubar workers stadium beijing china (1)
Just one?
kevin zhang sambuca king fubar workers stadium beijing china (4)
It looks like a raisin in a shot glass of water. But it’s not.
kevin zhang sambuca king fubar workers stadium beijing china (3)
An example of “Sambuca goggles”
kevin zhang sambuca king fubar workers stadium beijing china (2)
Much healthy options at Fubar.
jaegeriraffe at fubar beijing
It looks like tequila is the new sambuca. And that a dancing giraffe — is that the new Jagermeister deer look? — will accompany it.

By the way, the mulled wine is back at Fubar.

(Note: I could be wrong but I think a defining moment in the sambuca war came when a group of us came in a few weeks ago and shared shots of “homemade baijiu“. Always remember, baijiu can be a transformative beverage.)

Suite dreams!

Last call: Eat, drink and be merry in Hilton Beijing’s Presidential Suite

The deadline for my “Suite Sixteen” contest with Hilton Beijing for this year’s Food & Wine Experience is tomorrow. Grand prize is two tickets, plus lunch or dinner, to the event on November 2, plus an overnight stay in the presidential suite and next-day breakfast. There are also pairs of tickets up for grabs.

This year’s contest: Pick a president and tell us what wine you would drink with him / her. So far, we have Deng Xiaoping, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, George Washington, Ueli Maurer, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Hassan Rouhani, Joseph Blatter, Ian Khama, Martin Codax, Jacques Chirac and more. To enter, or to see the entries so far, click here.

The Food & Wine Experience includes over a thousand wines as well as food, beer and spirit vendors and classes. The event is from 1 PM to 7 PM on November 2. Tickets are rmb190, or rmb280 with buffet lunch (until 2 PM) or dinner (5:30-7 PM). For tickets or info, email shirley.shi1 (at)

Suite dreams!
Suite dreams
rurik nystrum redbang apple store sanlitun map 3

New directions: redBANG’s funky Sanlitun map

Rurik Nystrom and the team at RedBang are working on a funky new map of Sanlitun. The images below are from a basic template that can adjusted for color, elevation or angle. Frankly, I’d turn it around so I don’t have to see that unnecessarily bright Apple logo (it’s a bit much when you’re exiting Aperitivo at three in the morning). The 3-D perspective, the easy-to-read street names and the subway directions are all nice touches. If you want more info on these maps, contact Nystrom at rurik (at)

Note: He says the team is also planning maps of Wangfujing and of the CBD, including Parkview Green.

redbang sanlitun maprurik nystrum redbang apple store sanlitun map 3 rurik nystrum redbang yashow sanlitun maprurik nystrum redbang apple store sanlitun map

Beijing Boyce Jobs Wanted Photo

Jobs in Beijing: Managers, bartenders, resident DJ and more at Four Seasons

Four Seasons will soon be home to a new “mega lounge” and a search is now underway for employees to staff it. Marcus Treamer of Four Seasons says he is hiring for the following positions:

  • General manager
  • Assistant manager
  • PR & marketing manager
  • Event and membership sales manager
  • Beverage manager
  • Bar managers
  • Bartenders
  • Floor captains
  • Servers
  • Runners
  • Resident DJ

To apply, send your resume to Treamer at marcus.treamer (at)

Four Seasons is on Liangmaqiao Road and includes Italian restaurant Mio, Chinese restaurant Cai Yi Xuan, the two-story Opus Lounge, and Opus Bar. Get more information about the hotel here.