Sips & Bites: New Kro’s Nests, plus pigging out at Agua and BBQ at Tavalin

Did someone say hambulance?


Contrary to rumors, Olaf Kristoffer Bauer a.k.a. Kro of Kro’s Nest fame didn’t run away to join the circus, isn’t in jail, in the soup or even in the navy, and hasn’t been kidnapped by either humans or aliens. He’s simply been away on family business. Now he’s back and working on the current Kro’s Nest locations and two upcoming franchises, one in Joy City in Xicheng and one in Galeries Lafayette in Xidan. More to come…

Tavalin Bagels and Andy’s Craft Sausages will team up for a barbecue this Saturday from 5:30 PM. Will the “ham-bulance” / “patty wagon” make an appearance? By the way, Tavalin now has a sausage and egg bagel sandwich on its regular menu.

Also, there are only a few days left to try the suckling pig special at rmb498 — regular price rmb796 — that Agua has featured throughout August. Also of note, no corkage on wine on Sundays and Mondays — one bottle per person for parties up to eight…

Hat tip: Betty