mash rooftop big live sanlitun beijing china

Sips & bites: Salt, The Bar, Tim’s Texas BBQ, Mash & Heaven Supermarket

mash rooftop big live sanlitun beijing china
Mash up: Not the best photo but it gives an idea of the rooftop.


Salt is closed.* Temporarily? Forever? Who knows? Some readers of this blog made the discovery when they arrived for weekend brunch to find the place with darkened door. Word is a pile of unpaid bills led to the locks. It seems ages ago, but really isn’t, when Gaby Alves left Alameda and then opened Salt, or even when Daniel Urdaneta left Salt as chef and went on, with Alex Molina, to open Mosto, Modo and, soon, Moka. Alameda begat Salt, Salt begat Mosto and Terra, Mosto begat Modo and Moka. Time flies in Beijing.

It sounds like Sanlitun favorite Jack Zhou — who started at The Tree and is known from former stints at Shooters and 1F — is planning a new place north of his traditional bar-keeping grounds. He says the details are still being worked out. Every time I see Zhou, I’m reminded of the lines from Big Trouble in Little China:

“Have you paid your dues, Jack?”

“Yes sir, the check is in the mail.”

Few people have paid more dues.

Tim’s Texas BBQ held its sixth anniversary party, with free beer and brisket burgers, on Saturday from 4 PM to 8 PM, with free top-ups afterward. The night saw crowds inside and out, a band playing American classics, some NFL preseason action, and plenty of boozing, with trays of shots coming out the door. A nice way to relax on a Saturday night.

MASH, formerly Big Live, held its opening Saturday night. I went Friday to check the rooftop: a simple but comfortable space (see above and below) that will work especially well for birthday, going-away and other parties. We found service slow but, to be fair, the place was a day from opening, so a return visit is in order.

Barely a seat was to be found at Heaven Supermarket on Friday night even into the wee hours. Given this place moves an incredible volume of beer, it should INVEST IN SOME INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH FRIDGES to keep things chilled. Or at least put the better beers in the better fridge which, on this night, seemed to be the one closest to the cash register. Anyway, given barely a seat was to be found, I guess there will be little incentive to do so.


* I considered writing “Shake Up at Salt” but I haven’t had enough coffee to be that perky today.

mash rooftop bar sanlitun beijing china