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Sips & bites: Two Guys are peachy, plus Simon Ge, Ming II, 4corners, Bantu & Pinotage

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Two Guys and a Pie has added fruity fillings for the summer. “Lightly sweetened, fresh, peach pieces, wrapped in our buttery pastry and lifted with a hint of ginger” is how co-owner / pie poet Andrew Papas describes this one. Look for it to remain on the menu through the end of the July, the same month Papas says homemade ginger beer will join a beverage list that recently saw the inclusion of Coopers sparkling ale and pale  By the way, I’ve given up my Pie-lie Minogue idea and am now pushing for a tribute to Barry Humphries called the Les Pie-terson.

Next door, the Simon Ge leg o’ lamb BBQ joint has yet to open and there is already word a similar spot is in the works further up the road. I hope this will be dealt with in a gentlemanly fashion: kebabs at 20 paces.

Also near Two Guys, look for Xiao Ming of Revolution to open a new bar. Word is it will be exclusive, and tiny, perhaps with a single table, though it won’t compete for the title of the world’s smallest bar just yet.

Over at China View, the sign is up for second-floor Italian restaurant Bantu, which marks the return to Beijing of Robert Masili, formerly of L’Isola in the Pacific Century building.

Meanwhile, 4corners aims to relaunch its second level this weekend. The floorboards were going in last night and Jun Trinh says to expect a Thai lounge feel, complete with hookahs. He has also started making sour dough for Sunday brunch. I hope to check it out soon.

Finally, the new branch of Pinotage in Sanlitun Soho has revised its lunch and now offers two courses for rmb78. Today I tried the fig, Camembert and greens salad (a bit sweet for my taste, but some will no doubt like it and the presentation is fun) and the bread crumb-crusted trout filet (I liked the lemony sauce). Choice of soup or salad, plus one of four mains, with a glass of wine or a dessert rmb25 extra. Will post pics soon…

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  1. The only Thai lounge feel I know of with “hookahs” uses a much different spelling for that word…

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