Kiss the Cod: And get Proof of Canadian Spirit tonight at 4corners in Beijing

No Screech!

It’s still in China Customs, so we’ll instead have Proof of Canadian Spirit certificates tonight at 4corners. Drink a shot of whisky (I have a nice bottle from Spicebox in Montreal) and a shot of Moosehead, kiss a codfish, and recite four lines of Stompin’ Tom lyrics (options provided), all while wearing a Canada Day toque, and get your certificate.

We have enough liquids, fish lips and certificates for ~30 people, say, ~9 PM in the back lounge at 4corners (see the map below). And 4 corners will have poutine, Canuck beer and more. Hope to see you there, eh?

I’m off to do last-minute duties but will be checking email — beijingboyce (at) — in case of any need for info / questions.

The number at 4corners is 6401-7797.

(And don’t forget the other places in Beijing with Canuck food and drink. I tried the Nanaimo bars last night and they were very good.)

4corners map

No Screech! So we’ll have Proof of Canadian Spirit certificates instead tonight. Drink a shot of rye and a shot of Moosehead, kiss a codfish, recite four lines of Stompin’ Tom lyrics (options provided) and get your certificate.

Enough liquids, fish lips and certificates to do ~30 people, say, about 9 PM in the back lounge at 4corners (see the map below). And 4 corners will have poutine, Canuck beer and more. Hope to see you there, eh?

I’m now off to do some last-minute chores but will be checking in later and will have email access via beijingboyce (at) Number at 4corners is 6401-7797.

panda beer wheat pale ale by panding hao beixinqiao beijing

‘Red Maple’: Maple syrup-infused beer at Panda Bar, Drive-Thru from Saturday

Just heard from Pan Dinghao at Panda Bar in the Beixinqiao area. He says his “Canada Day” beer will be available starting Saturday. It is called “Red Maple” and is a red ale that includes a maple syrup infusion.

“I chose a red ale because I wanted that color for Canada Day,” says Pan.

The beer will be available at Panda Bar for rmb40 (330 ml glass) and The Drive-Thru for rmb40 (500 mil glass), from Saturday until supplies run out.

Get details on other Canadian foods and drinks in Beijing here.

The beer board at Panda
Out with the bull, in with the lamb?

Sips & bites: IKI in Lido, plus Main Street, Pinotage, Two Guys, Cheers, The Loop

Out with the bull, in with the lamb?
Out with the bull, in with the lamb?

Update: Two Guys and a Pie both open when I passed by a few hours ago.

It looks the team behind Korean restaurant IKI, which has been serving up cheese bibimbap goodness at the branches in the Shuangjing and Sanlitun areas, will soon open its third restaurant on Jiangtai Road in Lido. (This place will surely be known as 3KI or Three-ki, no?) The menu will apparently include something called “fried kimchi cheese pocket”. Looking forward to that one.

Main Street has an all-you-can-drink deal on Thursdays. Get free flow “specialty cocktails” for rmb125 from 7 PM. The event tagline: “Drink till he / she is cute.”

Pinotage in Sanlitun Soho has a three-day South African wine festival starting Saturday. Get a free flow of samples of 60 different wines, including from Warwick, Lanzerac, Dornier Stellenbosch, Kloovenburg, Marklew, Babylonstoren, and KWV, from 2 PM. rmb200 per day.

The authorities cleaned up that strip with Nearby the Tree, Two Guys and a Pie, The Loop and neighbors yesterday — cleaning up means ripping out outdoor seating and taking down signs — but Andrew Papas and Matt Wong say do not fret, pie lovers, for they will soon be back in business. They are hoping for tomorrow.

And Johann Oberson of Cheers wine shop also says the newest branch, which just officially opened just down from Two Guys on that strip last Friday, will soon be back in business.

Speaking of The Loop, this place should reopen as a retail wine shop, with cooking and wine classes on the side, sometime next week. Owner Weiley Lu plans to start off by stocking 100 wines and then work up to 150 or more. More on this soon.

And I’ll have an update shortly on Canada Day activities in Beijing. You can see what’s available so far by clicking here.

Don't have an image for 'bars for sale' so this will have to do.

Bar jobs in China: Experienced manager available in Beijing

Just got an email from someone seeking a position in Beijing. The writer said he hails from Ireland and has been managing a western-style bar for four years in a smaller city in China.. He is now relocating to Beijing for family reasons. He describes himself as “very hard working” and as having good social skills. He… well, if you are interested, you can contact him yourself. His email address is bigfishmino (at)

screech image by the telegram-001

Sign up for Screech-in: Drink rum, kiss fish, recite poetry on Canada Day in Beijing

screech image by the telegram-001~

Thanks to James McLeod of The Telegram — see this story — and Charlene Hounsell of Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, some Screech rum is winging its way from the east coast of Canada to Beijing, although not necessarily in the craft pictured above. It will be used for a Screech-In on Saturday night at 4corners.

In short, a Screech-In involves drinking a shot of rum (that would be the Screech), kissing a codfish and reciting a short poem to become an honorary Newfoundlander – complete with certificate — for the night. About 9 PM sounds like a good time to start inductions.

If you want to join the Screech-In — there is enough rum and certificates for ~30 people — please let me know at beijingboyce (at)

First come, first Screeched!

To find more Canadian foods and drinks this week and on Canada Day, check this post.