rogue spruce gin at drive-thru beijing

At the Drive-Thru: Rogue Spruce Gin, plus Hazelnut Spice Rum & Dead Guy Whiskey

Warm glass of gin, anyone? My guess is that sounds appealing to all but a few imbibers. But if you were ever to try it, I suggest splurging on a pour (rmb60) of the Rogue Spruce Gin now available at The Drive-Thru.

This gin contains about a dozen ingredients, including juniper berries, tangerine, ginger and WTF item “Free Range Coastal Water“. (Rogue guys are funny when drunk / making labels.) Anyway, spruce and mild citrus peel come through strongest and there is also something savory in this one. Good straight up. At room temperature. Expect hair on your chest the next morning.

Two more Rogue items available besides a wide range of this Oregon operation’s beers:

  • Hazelnut Spice Rum: An intense toasted hazelnut smell on this surprisingly light-bodied rum. The finish is spicy, with cinnamon and ginger the strongest flavors for me.
  • Dead Guy Whiskey: Similarly light and easy to drink. According to the Rogue website, it uses the same three malts as does Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Those latter two (also rmb60 each) are fine, but if you only plan to try one of the three, go for the gin. It puts the oooo in smooth. Twice.

rogue spruce gin at drive-thru beijing