Red dwarf: World’s smallest bar to open in Beijing

It’ll be this big.


Joseph Kornides of 12sqm — Beijing’s smallest bar until an upgrade to 45 square meters a few years back — plans to go for the big time by opening the world’s smallest drinking den by the end of the month. The venue will measure less than five square meters, which beats the Guinness record, and, say Kornides, be a fully functioning bar with a fixed locale.

What kind of drinks will it offer?

Like any regular bar but in a smaller space. Standard mixed drinks, cocktails, single malts and beer.

How many different spirits?

Quite a few. We can fit more than 60 behind the bar.

How many customers can it fit?

A maximum of four although not comfortably. We will wait and see if we can have tables outside but even that will add no more than four or six more seats. We will also have a window where people can stop by and pick up drinks to go.

The bar will take up two-thirds of the space with one-third for customers. It”s the only way to fit in a proper fridge, freezer, coffee machine, sink and bar back.

What kind of look can we expect?

It’ll look like a mini 12sqm. It’ll have a brick bar, a wood bar top, a tile floor. Think mini mini Briish pub.

The Mini Bar is on Dongsishitiao, 200 meters east of Zhangzizhong subway station. Map to follow.

By the way, given the high ceilings, the better pours could be hoisted into the rafters and lowered whenever someone orders one. Just saying…

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