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My Humps: New smoker joint to open in Sanlitun South

Pulled pork, plus...
A camel delivered this stuff. You gotta believe me.


So, I had this dream where a two-humped camel is negotiating the traffic-filled streets of Beijing in search of a new home. The journey is arduous for this is a camel that obeys traffic laws and thus finds itself frustrated time and again by red-light running scooters, swerving Audis and jaywalking pedestrians as numerous as the sand grains of the Gobi.

But this is camel on a mission. Onward it goes, step by step, hour after hour, through hutong streets and major intersections, past tiny shops and huge apartment complexes. The shadows grow long, the moon replaces the sun, and those celestial bodies trade places again as a new day begins and the camel finally stops. It looks about and sees a building called Pacific Century, a bar called Nanjie and a place known as The Bookworm.

At this point, the dream gets a little weird because the top of the camel’s humps pop open to reveal a pair of compartments. In one is an abundance of smoked ribs, pulled pork and baked beans. In the other is a treasure trove of Bourbons, beers and this photo. The camel utters its first and only words: “Welcome to the new Home Plate“. Then it smokes a cigarette and has a snooze.

That’s the kind of dream one dreams after four bowls of baked beans. A dream that could only have been better if front of house uber-personality Seth Grossman and chief smoker / kitchen guy Adam Murray were riding the camel.

Anyway, putting aside the dream, the rumor is a new Home Plate will open in Sanlitun. While I haven’t confirmed this, and usually tend to be cautious on such postings, an SMS from someone in the business this morning officially pushed me past the Threshold of How Many Times I Hear a Rumor About a New Home Plate Without Posting About It. Which is about ten. So, if you believe in dreams — and who doesn’t — expect some HP love in Sanlitun. (And given the brew pub trend in this city, perhaps beer made on the spot.)

home plate restaurant of the year
Team Home Plate sharing a tender moment.

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  1. Taco Bar’s unfortunately gone for now, at least at it’s previous location. They sent out an e-mail the other day and it sounded like landlord issues forced them out. Shame it had to happen just a few days prior to el Cinco.

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