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Owl’s well that ends well: Hooters reopens in Beijing

hooters beijing reopening 2013 china 1It feels like yesterday* that Hooters opened in Beijing and launched a million predictable boob jokes (see here my post from 2007). Now, after several months of renovations, the bird is back as this China View restaurant and bar reopened today. Don’t expect major changes — the service area has been reduced, the seating space increased — since the main reason behind the renovation was an upgrade of the original construction, which apparently left much to be desired.

The main menu, including the chicken wings, is unchanged and new dishes will soon be added. Happy hour is buy one, get one from 4 PM to 7 PM, Monday to Friday. And Champagne lovers can still choose between Moët Chandon and Dom Perignon. Or grab China’s Champagne of beers — Tsingtao — for far less.

I’ve never been a regular at Hooters but when I have visited it has struck me — despite the nudge, nudge, wink, wink jokes about the waitresses and their outfits / dances — that alongside Americans getting a taste of home, the clientele has mostly been groups celebrating birthdays, families eating dinner, or even, from appearances, people on double dates. The place doesn’t seem to hold the same meaning for people from China as for some foreigners. Then again, for all the titillation associated with Hooters, you could argue that the skin-tight highly-slit qipaos on staff at some of the city’s hotels and restaurants are more revealing.

Also, if you are wondering why some staff members wear white and some black, I’m told the latter have been recognized for their service skills and dancing prowess. The equivalent a Hooters black belt, I guess.

* Not really. It actually feels like six years ago.

hooters beijing reopening 2013 china 2hooters beijing opening 2007 china