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New York Sandwich: Big mugs of coffee for rmb12 in Sanlitun Soho

new york sandwich sanlitun soho beijing chinaThere aren’t a lot of places in the Sanlitun-Gongit zone where you can get a big mug of coffee for rmb12. Recently opened New York Sandwich in Sanlitun Soho ranks among them. NYS is set in a corner on the west side, just down from the Bank of China and across from Indian restaurant Khajuraho. It comes with a main seating area and two smaller ones, one with two seats and one with four.

The prices of the food fit that of the coffee: sandwiches start at rmb18, panini at rmb22 and hot dogs at rmb15. Something called a “double cheese chicken dog” will cost you rmb20.

As for drinks, smoothies are rmb20, tea is rmb15 and there is a small beer selection. Those seeking other nonalcoholic beverages can get a Kavalan Malz for rmb18 (see photo below).

I have yet to try the food but will soon return to do so, especially given the friendly service and the prices.

(Note: I’m not sure if this place is called New York Sandwich, Cafe New York Sandwich, or Cafe New York — which would fit well the Cafe Sydney in Sanlitun Soho — so I went with what was on the coffee mug. There is also an outlet in Jianwai Soho.)

kavalan malt liquor beverage new york sandwich sanlitun soho beijing china