Mowing down at Migas: Is this the best lunch deal in Beijing?

I know I recently wrote a post about why I think Migas and its head chef Aitor Olabegoya rank among the city’s best. But a few days later I went for lunch with a friend and ate this:

Homemade bread with pumpkin soup shot.
Chorizo and chick peas topped with a fried egg.
Roasted pork loin with potatoes and something akin to barbecue sauce.
Coconut ice cream and fruits (the crepe in back is a separate dessert).

This is a hearty meal, and a delicious one, from the simplicity of the bread to the combined texture of egg, sausage and chick peas to the matching of the tangy sauce and pork loin. The kicker: It costs rmb85 — or rmb70 without dessert. I realize there are set meals and buffets around town for less but when you take into account the quality of the ingredients, the flavor and presentation, the choices (see this post for the items from the last lunch) and the atmosphere, I think Migas is hard to beat.

By the way, my friend is a vegetarian and had the Catalan ‘pizza’. That was pretty good, too…


One thought on “Mowing down at Migas: Is this the best lunch deal in Beijing?”

  1. Agree! That’s why I go back pretty much every week. They change their menu weekly too! I think it is the best brunch/lunch deal in town.

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