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China View: Hooters reopening Saturday, plus a bunch of closures

I bet if you said a few years ago that the multi-story* mega-German brew house / restaurant Drei Kronen 1308 and close-curtained tucked-away Mongolia Bar would be among the survivors in China View, people would have guffawed. But they remain in business, along with IKI Korean Restaurant, Gung Ho Pizza, among others. Oh, and Hooters, slated to reopen its doors on a revised space — the bar has been moved, more seating added, everything looks spic, span and Hooters Orange — on Saturday at ~6 PM, I was told when I stopped by today.

But China View has seen some upheaval over the past few months:

  • Da Giuseppe, named after the chef who came over from La Pizza, is done.
  • Moroccan joint Ibn Battouta is closed and gutted.
  • Refresh, despite prime space on the corner, served its last coffee quite a while ago and new owners are renovating the space.
  • Yummy Home Pizza, known as Yummy Box Pizza until a partnership dispute, is closed and there is construction going on.
  • Bean Bar bit the dust, though it wasn’t the greatest loss given the quality of food, coffee and service.

I guess that’s not that many places and I’m probably fueled by a desire for a coffee spot. I thought O. Henry Project might do it but the place was closed when I passed by ~5:30 PM today, the second time I’ve found it locked. And on two of the three times I found it open, the staff did not know how to work the coffee machine.

Anyway, closings mean eventual openings, so we’ll see who’ll try their luck next in this complex. It seems like ages ago it had spots like Purple Haze, Pullman’s, Danger Doyle’s, 66 North, Budapest and Alba.

And there is always solace just behind China View — at The Den. It’s been going for some 15 years and is Old Reliable when you want to chill with friends, drinks and perhaps some cheese sticks and fries.


* I’m never sure how to describe DK1308. It has three floors inside, plus a rooftop, plus a brewery in the basement. Count the rooftop? Count the basement? Three-story? Four-story? Five-story? Three-story plus rooftop? Just call it big?

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