Open or shut case? What is going on at Inagiku?

During the weekend, a reader was informed by Dining City via email that “due to legal problemsInagiku is forced to be closed” and thus his reservation could not be fulfilled (my highlights). That doesn’t sound promising given this Yintai Center-based Japanese restaurant is closing in on its second anniversary.

Can anyone confirm that Inagiku is closed? Or open, for that matter?

I called the numbers listed on the restaurant’s website but one goes unanswered and the other gets me a “power off” message. There is no indication on the website itself that the place is closed, though there is a prominent “Michelin highly recommended–INAGIKU” message. What does that mean, since I’m pretty sure this place doesn’t have a Michelin star? Anyway, I’m now waiting to see if anyone answers my email.

Inagiku opened about the same time as Nobu. I wrote about it here, in April of 2011, and you can see that it is an ambitious project. I’ll update when I get more details.

(Hat tip to DB)