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Sips & bites: Beer Mania, Cantina Agave, Malty Dog, Le Petit Gourmand

Croque Monsieur
Croquet Monsieur: Boy’s night out at Beer Mania

Beer Mania plans to open a new venue — this time making it more restaurant than bar — but details are few and far between at the moment. What is clear is the food is much improved at the current venue due to the addition of the former Le Petit Gourmand chef Frederic and that inspires hope for the new venture. I wrote about the weekend brunch here, and have enjoyed it twice, and now this place has added a twist to its lunch.

Ever wondered what the restaurant staff eats while you pig out on your burger, lasagna or couscous? You can get a serving of Beer Mania staff eats, Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 2 PM, for rmb40. Add a soup, coffee, soda or beer for rmb10. Frederic says the menu is decided each day — he cited a sausage platter and a new salad creation as items served earlier this week. He adds that the idea originated from a curious American tenant who lives in the same building as Beer Mania.

The opening of Cantina Agave in Sanlitun Villagewill be delayed at least a week, with hopes the staff will be ringing up fish tacos and margaritas next Wednesday..

Look for Malty Dog to expand its draft beer options. Owner Jeff Ji says he plans to add a few American craft beers to the lineup — possibly Brooklyn Lager or Rogue Dead Guy Ale — to accompany what acquaintances tell me is his rapidly improving home brew.

And Le Petit Gourmand is fine-tuning its daily all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffets. Eating and drinking sessions are now limited to two hours per person and steak, seafood or sashimi is an extra rmb20 at lunch and rmb30 at dinner. The a la carte menu is available all day.


3 thoughts on “Sips & bites: Beer Mania, Cantina Agave, Malty Dog, Le Petit Gourmand”

  1. That new rule about eating and drinking is limited to 2 hours per person at LPG is a really cheap tactic. Power eaters will look elsewhere.

  2. Ahah!
    Nothing cheap! I just want you do don t be addicted to this awesome buffet :)

    You know, i just translate this part of the chinese flyer who also say: no doggy bag! And no waisting food!
    So don t worry if you want stay longer nobody will kick you out!

  3. Seriously, a 2 hour limit is a cheap tactic? At the end of the day they do have bills and staff to pay, its a business, not a charity. I’m not faulting you if you are a power eater, or have power eater friends, but this isn’t a big corporate entity that can take the hits from power eaters because they’re balanced across hundreds of stores, or a hotel buffet that has space for hundreds of eaters of varying capacities of food intake.

    I personally haven’t been to LPG, and so I can’t say with authority on whether the deal is a good one or not, but I would judge much harsher on the variety of food and the speed at which popular items are restocked vs a limit set to ensure they can maintain a profit margin.

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