The Lush Rush crush

The Lush Rush: The specials, schedule and history, plus a Q&A with Josh Lally

The Lush Rush crush
The Lush Rush crush

A new semester, a new wave of students, a new need for a Lush Rush. I did a quick Q&A with Josh Lally of Lush and Pyro Pizza in Wudaokou about this year’s event, which starts today and wraps up March 17. Before we get to the questions, the schedule and the specials, a reminder that as much as people joke about partying, it is important to know one’s limits, to avoid drinking anything that one doesn’t want and to realize that what one does might well end up online and thus drinking The Wu Bomb (see below) siphoned through Lally’s underwear and served in a dirty ashtray just might get one a certain rep on campus / around town. Plus, Lally says his staff get training to know when to cut off people — and that he doesn’t hand over his underwear to just anyone. Also see “Mud Pies and Adios MF” for Lally’s favorite drinks and foods at Lush and Pyro.


Lush Rush Q&A

With Josh Lally

Boyce: What is a Lush Rush? Is it when habitual drinkers storm the bar? Is it an annual event when you change the bar’s plants? WHAT IS IT!?

Lally: Lush Rush has been going on for more than seven years now and is a week of awesome events, crazy specials, and tons and tons of new students who are aching to dive in to the wonders of Beijing and China

Does someone have to be a student to join Lush Rush? I mean, let’s say I’m a professor. Can I go and get drunk and do public and embarrassing things so that I can’t meet anyone’s gaze for the entire semester?

Student status is definitely not required. We have a great mix of students, English teachers, local Chinese, and just about anyone who enjoys the fast-paced party vibe, or just wants a chance to try our awesome food and drinks at a discounted rate.

How about coming up with an equivalent to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and calling it “The Lush Hush“, meaning the first rule of Lush Rush is you don’t talk about Lush Rush?

Since we don’t pay for advertisement, we strongly encourage people to talk about Lush Rush as much as they can, so we can make sure both Lush and Pyro are packed full of awesome people and primed for the best shenanigans. That being said, we do have a standing rule that what happens during Lush Rush, stays in Lush Rush. Otherwise the causalities of our 555 party would feel too embarrassed to ever make a return visit!

What’s the best shooter pairing for the Spicy Burger (with chipotle mayo, pepperjack cheese and jalapeno peppers)?

Since we’re in our tenth year, we’ve been working on a special shot that truly represents Wudaokou and the crazy wild students who populate the wild week of partying that begins what has proved to be one of the most fun experiences of their time abroad. That being said, our current creation, which has been dubbed “The Wu Bomb” would work well with the spicy burger, since its a shot of tequila, with a couple drops of Tabasco, dropped into half a glass of Tsingtao. It sounds revolting, but it actually goes down pretty smooth, and is guaranteed to kick a night into high gear!

Do you guys actually play any Rush — you know, a little Tom Sawyer — or are you just milking the band’s name for all its worth?

Rush has made appearances in the pub quiz, and some of our better guitarists have attempted it during our legendary Open Mic Night, the first that I know of and definitely the longest running open mic night in Beijing. But the term ‘rush’ comes from the week of crazy antics that accompanies trying to join a fraternity or sorority. Definitely not something you should miss!


The History of Lush Rush

By Rich Akers

The first Lush Rush was held in the Fall of 2005. We did 10rmb burgers and 30rmb buckets of Qingdao and an event every night. It was all hands on deck for our biggest week since opening. And it just kept getting bigger. Over the following years we’ve featured movie nights, live music from Ziyo, Jessica Meider and The Red Pirates among others, guest Pub Quiz hosts, live music rounds, Power Hours (60 shots of beer in one hour) which was later upgraded to Centurions (one hundred shots in 100 minutes) and the start of our awesomest (and most ill-conceived) event, the 3-2-1 Party, featuring 3rmb Tequila Shots, 2rmb Vodka Shots and 1rmb Test Tube shots.

Two years ago we implemented an achievement point system for prizes (5 points for answering a pub quiz question, 10 points for singing a song at Open Mic), the highest point scorer wins a 1000 rmb tab. And last year we decided to spread the wealth by introducing sponsors.

This year’s sponsors include City Weekend, SNAP Adventures, Plastered Tees, Great Leap Brewing, Mashup Sports, and Yen (O2 Culture)


Schedule and Special

Monday, March 11, Lush, 6 PM to midnight
Martini Night, rmb15 each, options including classic gin or vodka (dry or dirty), Cosmo, Peach Cosmo, Apple and Espresso

Tuesday, March 12, Pyro, 8 PM
60 shots of beer in 60 minutes
Wednesday, March 13, Lush, 8 PM
Pub Quiz
Thursday, March 14, Pyro, 8pm
Beer Pong

Thursday, March 14, Lush, 6 PM to midnight
Craft beer night with Great Leap

Friday, March 15, Lush, 9:30 PM
Live music, with Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine

Saturday, March 16, Pyro, 9 PM
Kate’s Birthday Party Extravaganza

Sunday, March 17, Lush, 9 PM
St. Patrick’s Day open mic night, with rmb15 bottled Guinness and rmb5 Jell-o shots

Daily, 8 PM to 10 PM
Lush happy hour
- Buckets of seven Tsingtao for rmb50
- 20rmb selected cocktails
- Plus, rmb30 burgers from 2 PM to 4 PM and 1 AM to 3 AM

Pyro happy hour, 9 PM to midngith
- 20rmb pitchers of Tsingtao
- 30rmb trays of shots
- Free pitcher or soda or beer with any pizza bought in store
See the Lush Beijing website for more.