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Sips & bites: Nobu’s not so happy hour, plus Zap Urban Eatery, Hooters

I’m sure Nobu can teach us all a lesson or two about California rolls but it still has much to learn about a crucial event known as The Happy Hour. Check this ad from one of the free English-language lifestyle mags:

nobu happy hour jw marriot beijing chinaCustomers get a 15 percent discount in a place that — see bottom right — charges a 15 percent service charge. In other words, going to happy hour at Nobu gets you the privilege of paying full price. At least throw in a mini fish taco with those drinks, Nobu.

Zap Urban Eatery will open in about a week, says Jennifer Eden. This one will be in a side street just off Xindong Road (east side) and across from the Jenny Lou’s. The original name was Zest, but that changed to Zap, and I can’t help feeling Eden decided to go old school in honor of this Scott Biao classic (the movie poster is a mere twenty books).

And work at Hooters is steadily coming along: Since I took the photo below about a week ago, the window have been uncovered and the place looks on on the verge of reopening. Not sure what is going to happen with Refresh Cafe below it. I’m told the space has been rented but it doesn’t look like much is going on.

hooters beijing china view workers stadium china

One thought on “Sips & bites: Nobu’s not so happy hour, plus Zap Urban Eatery, Hooters”

  1. hahaha Jim….it’s Scott Baio. All hail Charles in Charge….

    In my formative years (20 years ago) as a man to look up to it was a competition between Scott and Michael J. Fox, but a few years later I was dreaming about Nicole Eggert and Flashdance leg stockings….

    Oh, the good ol’ 80’s.

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