All night Long: Paddy’s Irish Bar opens in Tongli Studio

Beijing Beatles perform ‘The Karl Long and Winding Road’.


Paddy’s Irish Bar opened last night in Tongli Studio in the space formerly known as China Doll, Club China Doll, White Rabbit and Hercules, among other names. Work finished on the venue mere minutes before the doors opened, said co-owner Karl Long, who later spilled half a beef pie on my freshly laundered sweater due to a combination of opening night jitters, near exhaustion and unadulterated polyester envy. In any case, the place gradually filled to capacity as people checked out the new digs, listened to two bands, sipped beers — bottled Tsingtao at rmb20, draft Guinness at rmb55, etc. — and ate pies from Two Guys.

Paddy’s has a stage at one end and a long bar at the other. A long communal table between the two is flanked by six smaller seating areas — each can hold a half-dozen customers — and three big screen TVs. Paddy O’Shea’s remains business as usual.

Pints at the bar...
The drinking continued even after the live music finished, despite the DJ playing ‘Flashdance’.
The post-band crowd at Paddy's Irish Bar. This is the part where the place played Flashdance and Kids in America.
Standing room only at Paddy’s Irish Bar on opening night.
Karl Long eats a creation from Two Guys and a Pie while John Devlin checks out the ingredients.
Karl Long eats the part of the pie he didn’t spill on me while John Devlin wonders if he’s next.