Glen Classic: Spinoff looks set to open in Face Bar complex in Beijing

Went to the Face Bar complex a week ago with Mr Bristle and saw that Glen Classic, a spinoff of Glen bar proper on Sanlitun South, looks nearly ready to open. We saw a guy inside the place, and motioned through the glass to him, but he just stared at us. We motioned again. He stared again. I guess we could have kept motioning and he could have kept staring but that seemed a lost battle given it was warm in there and we were slowly freezing to death outside despite having just curried up at Lai Na Thai restaurant next door. In any case, word is drinks will start at rmb100, possibly in an attempt to keep out the riffraff, because we all know people with big money in Beijing are all class. Some photos I snapped from the forlorn riffraff-populated outer region.

Translation: No tank tops.
An example of the dress code? It so, it appears pants are mandatory and kilts an option.
And you can get away wearing a bow tie with buttons and a piece of ribbon sewn on front.
Drink at the bar or on the sofas. Drink enough and that carpet will look mighty inviting.
Forgoing bar stools, Glen Classic has big comfy chairs at the bar.
Too bad, lunch-time cocktail crowd…

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