Passion fruit play: Wednesday night all-you-can cocktailing at Flamme

image(6)-001A late work night had me up until 7 AM last Wednesday and thus I planned to get home early that evening and read a book, finish putting together a horrible Year of the Snake playlist (Whitesnake, Cobra Starship, Monty Python, etc) and get to bed at a decent hour. Then I got a message from GG and later ran into Jabberjaw, both of whom said they planned to check out the two-hour 99-kuai all-you-can-drink cocktail deal at Flamme. I had been on best behavior since my last visit but it seemed my fate was set. This time I decided to stick to fruit — passion fruit — and thus maximize my vitamin intake. Some notes on the night:

passion fruit mojito flamme beijing china
An old standby, the Passion Fruit Mojito, to start. A balanced beverage with the garnish providing a nice self-timed sourish hit. Refreshing and fruity, it almost feels like a health drink. I’m told that napkin wrapped about the shaker might be seen as evoking a qipao. Okay, correction: A *classy* health drink.
sangria fusion cocktail flamme beijing china
This Sangria Punch is saturated throughout with grape flavors evened out by gin and heightened by touches of cherry Brandy,  elderberry syrup and passion fruit. Light grape bubble gum up front that matures mid-palate into a smooth finish punctuated by hints of that elderberry. Sound pretentious enough or should I take it up a notch?
mimi grog cocktail flamme beijing china
Mimi’s Grog is a refreshing well-balanced drink that belies its crude-sounding name. This one has a sense of spritz, a touch of spicy bitters and complexity from the blend of three — or was it four? — rums that are used to give it kick and combined with passion fruit and golden falernum. My favorite on the night. The name does not, as someone suggested, refer to the untold tales of Tom Cruise’s former wife Mimi Rodgers but to the Chinese word for “secret”.
sichuan beauty cocktail with peppercorns flamme beijing china
Sichuan Beauty combines intense sour with mildly burning peppercorn. Interesting to try, and I did so as it had some passion fruit,  but not my style. That bottle beside it contains the collection of rums used in Mimi’s Grog. There is no logical reason why I photographed them side by side.
The Warm-Hearted Englishman is a winter take on Flamme’s popular Passionate Englishman. Includes gin, apple syrup and passion fruit. I have to agree with a friend who looked at the passion fruit floating on top and described it as “sick in a glass”. I’d instead suggest the chilled original that comes topped with half of a passion fruit.
99 rmb all you can drink cocktail night at flamme beijing china
The carnage as last week’s all-you-can-drink winds down at Flamme. Wednesday, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, for 99 kuai…