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2F’d up in Swire Sanlitun Village: Modo says it must remove second floor, will become deli

(Full press release available here in 中文 or English)

Much of the buzz in Swire Sanlitun Village South the past six months hasn’t been about new places being added on the third floor — like Greyhound Cafe and Cantina Agave — but about what is being removed, namely, the upper floors of those spaces. A half-dozen business have told me since last summer that anyone signing a new or resigning a current lease must agree to having no second floor. That would suck given the amount of money some places spent on designs that obviously took into consideration those upper decks and would pile on other problems at this Swire property over the past four-plus years, from delays in actually getting the place open to some major roof leaks. I’m guessing the upcoming revamping” at Blue Frog will see that place emerge sans second floor.

But Modo is the first to publicly announce that a new policy has forced it to remove its mezzanine and thus reduce its seating space by half. The team has decided this necessitates a reinvention and the plan is to close for a month for renovations after the Chinese New Year and reopen as MODO Urban Deli, a place where people can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, pick up lunch boxes or picnic baskets, and get homemade items like condiments and terrines.

Not unexpectedly, displeasure at this state of affairs is evident in a press release sent out by Modo. You can see the opening below or download the entire document here. I hope to talk to someone at Swire about this and to have more details soon.

modo announcement

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  1. But why is there this requirement? Is there some sort of safety hazard? Maybe the mezzanines do not meet Beijing’s earthquake standards?

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