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Moth vs Flamme: On last night’s 99-kuai all-you-can-drink cocktail event

I figured the city’s drinkers would swarm Flamme for its new 99-kuai all-you-can-drink cocktail deal – heldWednesdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM — but even halfway through there were still seats at the bar. True, some took advantage while sitting at tables, thus shortening the fall to the floor. And the pollution and, in the case of one friend, worries Flamme would be packed beyond comfort kept away some. I’m guessing word of mouth may see the crowd grow in coming weeks.

Anyway, the key benefits are: 1) the timing is good for those who find it impossible to make the happy hour that ends at 7:30 PM, 2) you can knock back quite a few drinks for rmb99, good value given many of them are regularly rmb70 or more, and 3) it is a good chance to try drinks you might otherwise shy away from.

The figurative moth, I couldn’t resist Flamme last night and ended up sampling six drinks:

ethan's old fashioned
Instead of going for a same-old Perfect Manhattan, bartender Ethan made me this variation with Benedictine. Smooth.
tommy's margarita flamme
The gulp-able Tommy’s Margarita, made with Don Julio tequila. Among the more dangerous drinks on the menu.
titanic II flamme
That last one  inspired a need for a Titanic II, this time with bartender Paul making a lifesaver garnish instead of the usual boat-shaped one. The tequila and apple juice ice ball / iceberg are key.
fig old fashioned flamme
The Fig Old-Fashioned. Tasty but I think the ones at Mao Mao Chong have more intensity.
bols white cacao lillet don julio tequila flamme
I planned on finishing with a Sichuan Beauty but Ethan got me back to tequila, this time with Bols White Cacao and Lillet. Glad I tasted it, not my cup of tequila.
Hendrick's gin Flamme
Did I mention that last drink was going to be my last. Ethan got me to try this one, which I am simply going to name Bad Idea.

If I went again, I would a) just stick to martinis or b) pick one spirit, such as tequila, Bourbon or gin, and focus on drinks made with it, or c) start with a couple of fruity drinks — like the passion fruit Mojito — and work from there. I say “if” because I tend to only have two drinks, and on occasion three, when I go to Flamme and thus the happy hour is a perfect fit for me. But every once in a while…


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  1. $15 for all you can drink cocktails that are not made with the typical formaldehyde infused spirits is a winner.

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