california rolls at shaken wangjing beijing china

Flammed, Shakened and Fubarred: One night in Beijing in 10 photos

That morning when you wake up with a dry throat, a washed out feeling and a big grin because you might have stayed out way too late and imbibed one too many drinks but had an amazing amount of fun? Sunday morning was one of those. I was a very good boy until that point of 2013 but attending a tasting of 60 wines at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon in a place that gives all attendees a gift certificate they can then use to get some of the best cocktails in town? That’s just looking for trouble. Ten photos from Saturday:

french dip sandwich at back alley bistro beijing china
I began my outing at Back Alley Bistrot, where I ran into Nick “Beered” Papa of Duvel Moortgat and former Switch! guy Adam “Royal Moma Yacht Club” Goodman. I wanted what they were having, but they had ordered the last beef dip sandwiches, so I tried Moroccan lamb instead. Good, but next time I want what they were having.
jeff powell back alley bistrot french dip sandwich beijing china
What they were having.
celt bronze golden bleddyn 1075 from wine republic at flamme beijing china
The focus of the tasting at Flamme was vino but Wine Republic also has ales from Wales. Flavorful brews though some might deem them a bit flat. Those people can stick to Crown and VB — also handled by the Wine Republic — and suffer the consequences.
This bottle was very good but a bit too pricey for me at ~rmb1200 so I picked up some Albarino at rmb260 per bottle.
Excellent wine but too pricey for me at ~rmb1200 per bottle so I got some Veiga Serantes Albarino at a more fiscally responsible rmb260. The bottles I buy at these events tend to end up stockpiled indefinitely in a cupboard. Chinese New Year’s resolution: to start drinking them.
california rolls at shaken wangjing beijing china (1)
After sampling two dozen wines, ales from Wales and a pair of cocktails at Flamme, it made perfect sense to jump in a cab and head to Wangjing to a place called Shaken that only serves pasta and sushi. (And sake and beer, of course.)
california rolls at shaken wangjing beijing china
Our party of four described these things as “good”, “very good” and “so freaking good”. We also — once all  other customers were gone — played Shania Twain songs off an iPhone. That’s the kind of crazy shenanigans that happen when you get all hopped up on wasabi and sake.
We were told you can't have the sushi if you don't have the pasta. So we had the pasta.
You can’t go for the sushi and not have the pasta. So we had the pasta.
taxi driver beijing
A fantastic driver. From what I could hear, the passenger in front was explaining to him — in English — the intricacies of making sushi, how he had to suffer through Shania Twain songs, and the best way to get sake burp smell out of a cab. Our driver a patient man was he. I gave him a decent tip for a) enduring us and b) so he wouldn’t run us down once we were out of the vehicle.
arm wrestling at fubar beijing
Beijing bar arm wrestling titan Alex was in Fubar when we arrived and, as we closed the place down, took on newcomer Dave.
double dawgs at fubar beijing (1)
Dave and Kevin mow down on Double Dawgs. Two hot dogs, one bun and zero complaints about a lack of eating, drinking and being merry on this Saturday night / Sunday morning.

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