Australia Day in Beijing: Two gallons of vegemite at Bang Bang, plus Stumble, 12sqm, Deli de Luxe


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Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a magical place known as The Vegemite Triangle, all was heaps good and Aussie and January 26 was a day of much meat pie eating and Coopers Pale Ale guzzling and rejoicing. Then Ned’s closed, 12sqm management took a leave of absence and it became hit or miss whether the Mao Mao Chong owners were in town or not. And. The. Vegemite. Triangle. Was. No. More.

Fast forward to 2013 and an Irish bar — The Stumble Inn in Sanlitun Village South — is leading the Australia Day charge by teaming up with the much-loved Aussies from Two Guys and a Pie. Stop by after 6 PM on January 26 for some pies, the Triple J countdown, face painters and more — see the poster below.

Meanwhile, Bang Bang! in Shuangjing is having two days of Aussie specials — January 26 and January 27. Look for VB and Aussie wine at rmb20 per serving and an Aussie food menu that includes chicken parma, meat pies, sausage rolls and Down Under pizzas and burgers — the latter includes beet root and an egg. And get ready Cold Chisel fans because co-owner Steve Williamson says he has hundreds of hours of music. He also says he has “about two gallons of vegemite” and will give out free samples on toast.

As usual, you can also chow down at Two Guys and a Pie itself, grab a Coopers Pale Ale at 12sqm or try some Tasmania single malt — Sullivan’s Cove — at Mao Mao Chong. Oh, and MC reminds me of PavlovaCapital M does that well. I’ll if I hear of more events / specials, I’ll update here.

Update: Joseph Kornides of 12sqm says he will have Coopers, VB and Cascade at rmb20, meat pies and Aussie music from noon until 1 AM. Plus Tim Tams and vegemite fresh from Australia — while supplies last. He’s also hoping for the return of the inflatable kangaroo that once adorned this establishment.

Update: Teesh at Deli de Luxe says the place will have “everything from pies to lamingtons” from noon, as well as the Triple J countdown and Coopers, Cascade, Pure Blonde, VB and Bloody Marys. Deli de What, you say? Check out this place’s website here.

Update: Andrew and Matt at Two Guys and a Pie say you get free toppings if you a) wear green and gold or b) sing an Australian song. Last night, I witnessed two guys sing Men at Work songs (we stopped them after the first verse) and a woman show up with a green scarf and shiny gold sneakers. I also witnessed an Australian recite the lengthy poem “The Man from Ironbark” by Banjo Patterson. While he did stop halfway through to catch his breath and eat a pie, it was nevertheless impressive. Two Guys has a limited amount of Bundaberg OP for the festivities, though I suggest a Crown or Cascade instead. Also, pasties may soon appear on the menu and so too may a Korea-inspired item called the Psy Pie.

Aus day final IMG-20130117-WA0004

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  1. Deli de Luxe is having an Australia Day gig too!

    Starting 12 noon – everything from pies to lamingtons and of course counting down jjj hottest 100 with Coopers, Cascade, Pure Blonde, VB and Bloody Mary’s.



    Deli de Luxe

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