Cantina Agave in Beijing: 100+ tequilas, rmb45 lunch specials, possibly a risque piñata


Lunch specials from rmb45. More than one hundred kinds of tequila. A deck that might well become a magnet for margarita fans this summer. A massive and strangely erotic piñata of a burrito wrestling a taco.

Expect that and more when the third branch of Shanghai transplant Cantina Agave opens on the third floor of Sanlitun Village, close to Flamme and Union Bar and Grille.

Owner Raffe Ibrahamian, who works in the clothing industry in China and opened Cantina Agave in 2008 because he missed Southern California-style Mexican food, says he expects to open the Beijing branch around Chinese New Year with a menu that includes the same fare as in Shanghai plus some new additions:

  • Ibrahamian says that he has over 140 kinds of tequila in stock in Shanghia and aims to provide Beijing imbibers with a good selection.
  • In terms of drinks, there will be a focus on that old standby, the margarita, with four flavors leading the charge: classic, strawberry, mango and passion fruit.
  • There will also be new cocktails created by Yao, head bartender at Shanghai bar The Alchemist.
  • Lunch specials include a quesadilla, half-order of meat-topped nachos or tacos with a soft drink at rmb45, or with a margarita at rmb55.
  • There will also be new dishes, including seafood soup, with seven items from the briny depths, and avocado-topped fries.

Cantina Agave will be able to seat 50 inside beneath its high ceiling, and another 80 outside on the second floor patio, which will include a small bar. Look for banks of windows on the east side, funky lighting, tequila flights and more to be added by the time this place opens.

(Hat tip to P. Gucci)

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  1. Nah, the Lady Bar Gang on the Shit Street below took it out for a massage, over-charged it, then held it hostage when it refused to pay.

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