Salt marks fifth season: Five scenes from the anniversary party

I woke up this morning with a cheese ball in one pocket, a voucher for a one-night stay at Hotel G in another pocket, and a bunch of interesting memories floating through my slightly hungover brain, which is about par for the course after going to a Salt Anniversary Party.

Opened by Gaby Alves in Lido, Salt marked its fifth year in business last night, and while heavy traffic meant many people showed up a bit late, it was a good party for a good cause, with proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction — where I won that voucher — going to UNICEF.

The party included a flash mob event (see below), DJ Sophie doing a set — EMF! C+C! — that would make DJ PressPlay proud, a free flow of snack and drinks (including tasty chili pepper-garnished ones), Jamie Welton sharing touching Elton John concert stories (I’m pretty sure Welton hid that cheese ball in my jacket) and, at night’s end, a warm and fuzzy moment when the guys from Frank’s Place downstairs gave the guys from Salt a space heater to help keep the place warm and fuzzy. Also, Catherine of beauty shop Catherine de France said she was pretty certain she could improve my haircut.

Anyway, here are five photos from the party. Apologies for my camera skills and content choice: I hadn’t planned on taking photos and only pulled the camera out a few times during the night.

These people are doing something called “Gangnam Style”. Hmmm, first I’ve heard of it.
Rarely captured on film in the wild: The dancing guy with napkin stuck to his foot.
I’m told they smoke this brand of cigarettes in the Kremlin. That’s in Russia.
Welton uses his own special measuring method to see how that space heater will fit.
Salt: Five years of seasoning Beijing’s restaurant scene. (Salt, seasoning, get it?)