Two Guys and a Pie: Lamb now available, plus Pie Cam needed

Out with the bull, in with the lamb?


Two Guys and a Pie have a fresh order of lamb pies ready to go. Just out of the oven. I heard about it a short time ago and it is painful news because a) I like pies and b) I am hungry but c) I cannot head over there right now. But next time, I am giving the beef brisket a pass and trying the lamb instead. With mashed potatoes and gravy on top. And a sausage roll on the side. (By the way, we’re still waiting for turkey pies. Christmas is coming, Two Guys and a Pie. We need sumfin’ sumfin’ for our stockings.)

Pies are only half the fun at this place. There is also usually a good deal of good-natured chatter due to both the ownersAndrew has a bone-dry wit at times: He is kidding, right? — and the customers. And late at night, this is a spot where rowdy types, who ten minutes earlier might have been downing nasty shots or rolling on a dirty bar floor, become nothing but happy-go-lucky. Because of pies.Warm tasty pies that make the world seem much better — for at least  15 minutes.

On nights when I can’t get to Two Guys, it would be nice to check in on the shenanigans via a Pie Cam. On customers like the couple who claimed it was their first visit even though the wall photos showed them previously eating pies on the spot. Or the young woman happily taking a break from a pub crawl — she had just lost her lacrosse stick because, um, that’s important equipment on a pub crawl? — to refuel. Or a particular White Collar Boxer, no longer in training and getting back into pre-fighting shape. Or even that brain surgeon from Canada who didn’t wear a jacket on the snowiest day of the year and figured eating more pies would keep him warm. (It seemed like a good idea at the time!) In any case, until that Pie Cam becomes a reality — and it might never happen because given the insane number of waivers involved — we’ll have to enjoy the show live.

Note: Beijing is relatively safe compared to many parts of the world, but there is always some risk when out and about late at night, including in the Sanlitun-Workers Stadium areas, so drink (and pie) safely.

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