Hi Stranger! Fubar to hold Momo / 陌陌 party next Mo-Mo-Monday…

Update: From 7:30 PM, a free shot for everyone at the door, plus two-for-one Mojitos, including passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry and classic. You can find the recently renovated Fubar at the southeast corner of Workers Stadium. Look for the Stadium Dog or Fubar signs out front.

Say “Momo” to me and I think of this. But for more than 15 million users in China, Momo / 陌陌 is a application to facilitate “casual meetings”:

Momo means “Hi, stranger” in Mandarin. Like any service that helps strangers find each other, it can be used simply to find a companion for coffee on-the-go, as a random hook-up tool, or even to find a mate. Safety concerns, of course, remain a factor, but the traction [in China] shows they are not enough to deter interest.” (See full article.)

Last week, I found myself sitting next to a group of women in Fubar. They were rather demure until I asked if they knew anything about Momo / 陌陌. That did it: They got out their phones, showed their accounts and explained it to me.

That led to an idea with Kevin Zhang of Fubar to throw a Momo Party next Monday, November 5, with specials on Momojitos and more. Zhang also says he can help the linguistically challenged expatriate who wants to set up a Chinese-language account, although there is also now an English version.

Anyway, I’ll have momore details on this one soon…


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