40 wine glasses, one hand: Osenton to attempt world record at Beijing Hilton on Saturday

UPDATE: On Saturday, October 27, Philip Osenton held 51 wine glasses in one hand at the Hilton Beijing. He first attempted and achieved 40 glasses at 1 PM in front of the media. A few minutes later, he held 45 glasses. Then, at 3:30 PM, in the ballroom and in front a crowd attending the hotel’s fifteenth annual Food & Wine Experience, he held 51 glasses. I’ll post more photos of the achievement soon.


~If he gets all of them in one hand, he shatters the world record.


Call it “a glass act” or “high glass” or even a “victory for the glasses”. Call it whatever you want, but Philip Osenton will attempt — on October 27 at Hilton Beijing  — to break the world record for holding wine glasses in one hand. The record is 39, set in Spain. Osenton obviously needs 40 to beat it. I honestly think he can do 50.

I saw Osenton hold 29 at the La Revue du Vin de France office in April and hold 34 at Hilton Beijing a few weeks ago. Today, during a test session, it looked like he had at least 34 piled up. He’s close, I tell you, to breaking that record. I thought of building his concentration by trying to distract him with some not-so-hilarious wine jokes — “What did the grape say when it got stomped?” “Nothing, it only let out a little whine.” — but it looked like he already had nerves of steel.

Osenton has worked for several importers in China, including Wine Culture and Globus, and was head sommelier at Ritz Hotel London and restaurant manager at Savoy Hotel London. This is his first attempt at a world record.

He will make an initial attempt during a media session at noon on October 27, just ahead of the public opening of Food & Wine Experience XV. He will then throw all caution to the wind in the ballroom at 3 PM and try to shatter whatever number he reached earlier in the day.

I have a feeling that as of Saturday, he will forever be known as Philip Awesometon.

For more details on the Food & Wine Experience XV, which includes the chance to sample from among more than 1000 wines, click here.

Emile Otto of Hilton Beijing and Osenton prepare the glasses.
A mere 27 glasses…