Sips & bites in Beijing: El Threedo, Malty Dog, 12SQM

“I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.” [And Bourbon, too]

El Nido III: Here’s hoping the new space Xiao Shuai is opening beside El Nido bar and across from El Nido restaurant will be called El Threed0. He would own the Google search for that name and it rhymes and thus possesses a certain yay! factor. (While I’m making recommendations, how about if the next project is a swimwear shop called El Speedo?) Whatever the name, expect a whisk(e)y focus, including the dozen-plus Bourbons and Ryes already on the shelves when I visited last weekend.

The Malty Dog: This beer bar — with homemade brews and bottled options — is the newest project by Jeff Ji and a short walk south of his cocktail joint Mai Bar. Given 1) the crowd on opening night last Friday, 2) the rather mixed beer reviews we heard while weaving through that crowd, 3) the desperate need of one in our party for a toilet and 4) the desperate need of another for hard liquor, we decided to return on a quieter night and instead went to Mai. Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned for rmb50. That worked.

12SQM: Will soon add winter cocktails, including the ‘Hot Apple Pie‘, with whiskey, apple liqueur and cinnamon, says Joseph Kornides. One might pair it with an Aussie-style beef pie, available for rmb40, and thus have a “two pies and a guy” moment.  The happy hours are daily from 5 PM to 8 PM and include a glass of Aussie wine or pint of Kronenburg at rmb30. Sadly, since returning from his long sabbatical Down Under, Kornides has expressed no interest in the return of the large inflatable kangaroo that once graced his premises and that has been under my care for more than a year now. We may need an intervention here.

The Kornides kangaroo in its unnatural habitat.

It not only rhymes and Not only does it rhyme but

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