Hi Stranger! Fubar to hold Momo / 陌陌 party next Mo-Mo-Monday…

Update: From 7:30 PM, a free shot for everyone at the door, plus two-for-one Mojitos, including passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry and classic. You can find the recently renovated Fubar at the southeast corner of Workers Stadium. Look for the Stadium Dog or Fubar signs out front.

Say “Momo” to me and I think of this. But for more than 15 million users in China, Momo / 陌陌 is a application to facilitate “casual meetings”:

Momo means “Hi, stranger” in Mandarin. Like any service that helps strangers find each other, it can be used simply to find a companion for coffee on-the-go, as a random hook-up tool, or even to find a mate. Safety concerns, of course, remain a factor, but the traction [in China] shows they are not enough to deter interest.” (See full article.)

Last week, I found myself sitting next to a group of women in Fubar. They were rather demure until I asked if they knew anything about Momo / 陌陌. That did it: They got out their phones, showed their accounts and explained it to me.

That led to an idea with Kevin Zhang of Fubar to throw a Momo Party next Monday, November 5, with specials on Momojitos and more. Zhang also says he can help the linguistically challenged expatriate who wants to set up a Chinese-language account, although there is also now an English version.

Anyway, I’ll have momore details on this one soon…


Celebrity Pizza Contest: Ten Gung Ho! Pizzas + Case of Vedett Blonde = House Partay

UPDATE: Rich Akers of Gung Ho! went above and beyond and maybe even upside down on this one. Instead of just doing a draw, he apparently spent hours carefully analyzing each entry before ultimately picking a winner and giving kudos to other worthy entries. Before we get to the winners, a heads up about the ongoing contest for a four-course Thanksgiving dinner for six at Switch! Grill.

Here are Akers’ picks…

Honorable Mentions

“Mitt Romney pizza ~ White bread with very high edges.” – Alex
“Alan Wong ~ Alaskan crab meat, avocado, flame broiled tuna. Topped with imported Iranian caviar and edible gold.” – Alex
“Xzibit Pizza ~ Hey, we heard you were fond of pizza. We started with a basic margarita pizza with mozzarella and some basil. Then we made 6 more mini pizzas: mushroom, pepperoni, veggie, bbq chicken, tuna, anchovy, and put them on top of the margarita pizza. The crust is made of pizza rolls. Mangia!” – Alex

“Second Place

“THE KANYE WEST ~ Baked fish sticks (cod), Cheddar + Pepper Jack Cheese blend, Garlic Chili Sauce and Ranch, Jalapeños and chopped Onions.” — Kylie

First Place!!!

The Tina Tuna: A classic tuna and onion pizza on a tomato base, Jumpin’ (pepper)Jack Flash cheese, served on a dough that’s been rollin’… rollin’… rollin’… on the counter. Served with a side of perfect chicken legs.” – Mr Hao

Congratulations to Mr Hao and those he invites over for the ten Gung Ho! pizzas and case of Vedett Blonde from Duvel-Mortgaat.



Da Shan = Canadian bacon + Peking duck?


Like pizza? Like beer? Like creating recipes based on celebrities?

You do!? Then this contest is perfect for you.

All you need to do is pick a celebrity and create a pizza recipe in his or her honor. You will then be in the draw to get 10 pizzas from Gung Ho! and a case of Vedett Blonde from Duvel Moortgaat delivered to your home. Look how easy it is…

  • The Jeremy Lin: Topped with Taiwan sausage, New York style pastrami and slow-smoked beef brisket from Houston. Ideally eaten while chilling on a friend’s sofa.
  • The Da Shan: A layer of Canadian bacon hidden under a layer of Beijing duck on a crust lightly brushed with Ontario maple syrup.
  • The Charlie Sheen: Topped with any eight ingredients as selected by a drunk blindfolded monkey. No two pizzas are ever the same!

It’s as easy as mozzarella cheesy. Here are the contest details:

  • Leave a comment with the name and toppings for your celebrity pizza. I reserve the right to disqualify entries that are lazy ass, excessively rude, politically sensitive or have anything to do with Gangnam Style.
  • The winner gets an assortment of ten Gung Ho! pizzas plus 24 bottles — aka a two-four — of Vedett Blond from Duvel Moortgat delivered to his or her home.
  • If you don’t live in a Gung Ho! delivery area — in Sanlitun, Lido or Shuangjing you can guzzle and gulp your prize on-site. Or find a friend who does live in one of those areas and have a house partay.
  • You can enter multiple times but please leave each entry as a separate comment.
  • The deadline is Monday, November 5, at 2:37 PM.

Note: I receive no payment for running this or any of my other contests. I simply think it is fun and Rich Akers (Gung Ho) and Nick Papa (Duvel Moortgaat) agree. Frankly, I think they might be the same dude: I have never seen them together and they eerily resemble each other. Especially Papa.

The only place to eat a Jeremy Lin pizza.

Anyone hear Heaven Supermarket will close? Also, check out Two Guys and a Sausage…

Two Guys and a Sausage?


There soon might be tears in Heaven Supermarket given word this popular beer stop will close and relocate its base — and add a decent draft beer selection, for that matter — to the affiliated Chinese restaurant just around the corner and beside The James Joyce. Then again, should that happen, there might be tears of joy from residents sick of the late-night shenanigans of inebriated patrons.

Anyway, I’ll check into the rumor and update soon. In the meantime, Two Guys and a Pie should be staying put and has added sausage rolls to the menu at rmb15 per. And Nearby the Tree, Revolution and The Loop also offer alternative drinking options.

(Hat tip to Betty)

‘Awesometon’: Photo essay of Brit breaking wine glass holding record in Beijing

He isn’t human!” screamed someone* on Saturday afternoon as Philip Osenton held 51 wine glasses in one hand at the Hilton Beijing.

I first saw Osenton and his glass act in April in the office of magazine La Revue du Vin de France. On that day, he created a mini mountain of 31 glasses and, when research showed no one had achieved more than 39 glasses, it appeared a world record was within reach. Since then, Osenton has sharpened his skills all over the city with all kinds of glasses — he’s been spotted in action everywhere from The Loop to Cru Wine Bar.

That practice makes perfect attitude shone on Saturday. On his two attempts at 1 PM in front of the media, Osenton first held 40 glasses and then 45 glasses — see the AFP video here (I’ll update when I get a link in China).

On his third attempt, in a hotel ballroom full of attendees at the fifteenth annual Food & Wine Experience, he reached 51 glasses.

Here are photos of the Feats of Osenton, now known as Awesometon, although The Wizard of Osenton also has a nice ring to it…

(* That scream might have been to myself. I’m still checking for confirmation.)

Osenton reached 31 glasses in April at La Revue du Vin de France. Isabel Xie and Fiona Sun look impressed — and maybe a little worried!
Osenton practices the day before the record attempt. Grasping that next glass can be difficult.
Last known photo of Osenton before he became widely known as Awesometon. If you’re wondering, “Are those Paul Smith jeans?”, the answer is yes.
Osenton and his glasses before the first attempt. An enigmatic expression that combines complete confidence and sheer terror.
The media captures the glass-by-glass action while the clever reps from Parxet have shown up in back with a celebratory bottle of sparkling wine.
Osenton reaches 40 on his first attempt. Notice the shoes: Good sole grip is crucial.
Journalists question Osenton. My guess is they were asking about performance-enhancing materials (like Windex).
Awesometon attempts a third record in the ballroom, with Hilton Beijing’s Emile Otte (far right) ready to jump in for an emergency or celebratory hug.
Practice makes perfect…

Party of Five Contest: Ticket Winners for Food & Wine Experience XV at Beijing Hilton

Thanks to Frank and Frank for handling the grand prize draw for the Party of Five contest, with the winner of this weekend’s package getting:

  • Two tickets to Hilton Beijing Food & Wine Experience XV
  • Dinner for two in One East or Elements at Hilton Beijing
  • An overnight stay in the presidential suite tomorrow night.
  • Next-day breakfast for two in Elements.

Frank Sun, of new Sanlitun South restaurant F by Tribute, prepared the draw tickets for the five finalists. He was far more diligent than I usually am, insisting that each paper be folded to an equal size, where as I simply crumple. He placed the five folded tickets in a wine glass and shook them up.

Frank Yglesias, of new Sanlitun Soho wine bar California Grapes, stuck in his hand and, without looking, picked one paper. Sun unfolded the paper to reveal the name of the winner…

Colin Chan

Congratulations to all of the finalists and thank you to everyone who entered, as this is a contest where the answers took some work. Hope to see you at the Hilton Beijing for tomorrow’s event, which runs from 1 PM to 7 PM, and, if other years are an indication, should be a lot of fun.

Suite dreams…

Hilton Beijing holds its Food & Wine Experience XV this Saturday and I have been holding a “Party of Five” contest to give away tickets, meals and, for the grand prize winner, a stay in the hotel’s presidential suite that night. For details of the event, see here.

Today, I met Emile Otto of Beijing Hilton and we each picked five or six entries we thought best. As I know several people who entered, we asked Philip Osenton — who on Saturday will attempt to break a world record at the hotel — to narrow our picks to five finalists for the grand prize. Here are Osenton’s picks:

  • Panache
  • redredwine
  • Colin Chan
  • weneedmorechampagne
  • Kirby

Each gets two tickets to Food & Wine Experience, including either lunch or dinner. As for the winner of the grand prize, which includes that stay in the presidential suite and next-day breakfast, we will hold the draw on Friday afternoon and post the result on this page.

By the way, the hotel’s senior management asked me to subtly and humorously indicate that the winner of the suite stay will be responsible for any damages and should avoid doing anything that would, say, qualify for inclusion in a story such as this. Trying to figure out a way to do that.

Finally, Osenton also picked five entries at random to each receive a pair of tickets sans lunch or dinner. The tickets are good for entry to Food & Wine Experience XV from 1 PM to 7 PM and access to more than 1000 wines plus snacks. The five winners are:

  • Joshua
  • 艾米
  • Menita
  • Annushka
  • Peter Carney

I will be in touch with the winners by email. You can see all of the Party of Five entries here. The entries of the finalists are repeated below.



One guest from abroad: I would invite famous hedge fund manager Jim Chanos of Kynickos Associates. He has famously suggested China’s economy is in big trouble (and he often points to the housing market to support his views). With all of his chatter, Jim Chanos has never actually been to China! After a day of showing him the real Beijing, we could chat economics and grape terroir from the Hilton Beijing’s Presidential Suite.

One guest living in China: Devon Nixon, grandnephew of Fmr. US President Richard Nixon lives in Shanghai! He was even president of his MBA class in Shanghai…yes, another President Nixon! I mean, I need to meet this guy! Also, he has a very presidential name….goes well with presidential suite! And, I would tell him why I think Beijing is the better city to live in!

One friend: the guy who makes my sushi at Edomae on Lucky Street….Unfortunately, I don’t know his name (although I should) but his fatty salmon sushi brings me such great happiness. I am sure he would enjoy the Presidential suite…maybe he could bring some salmon?

One celebrity: Adam Richman from the TV show Man vs Food…because I can chat food 24/7 and we can both eat (and I’m sure he can drink)! In Beijing, the number one topic is food! Also, he has yet to do a show from Beijing…


Foreigner: Dom Perignon. Blind. Monk. Invented champagne. Hopefully he’ll bring some of his product.

Famous: Robert Parker. I want to sit him down with ten wines and give him a blind taste test. If he fails to identify them all correctly then we will ritually burn his books and force him to down shots of 1982 Chateau Margaux mixed with Sprite and ice.

Family: My mother. She loves wine and I miss having her around.

Chinese: Professor of Archaeology Fang Hui who in 1995, discovered remnants of Chinese grape wine making dating back more than 4600 years. Now, since China has a 5000 year old history, that means red wine is more intrinsically Chinese than the Great Wall.


Celebrity: Robert Parker. I’ll make him blind taste a Silver Heights and challenge him to assign a three digit rating. Will have to kick him out before my other guests arrive tho because he’s way too snorty for what is about to happen.
One guest from abroad: Mitt “47%” Romney. I have a Felton Road dry Riesling that will make him want to want to drink. We’ll knock back a few glasses (half for him, 7.5 for me), check out his “binder of women” and rave about how Candy doesn’t know shit about Benghazi.
One guest living in China: Mo Yan. Because Mitt probably hasn’t met any Chinese persons in his life. And after a few glasses of Rieslings, he may want to reenact some scenes from Red Sorghum with some help from Mr Guan (Mo to you). He probably has Gong Li on speed-dial but she can’t join us but she has given Mandarin up for Singlish.
One friend: My long suffering ayi because she and me have had a lot of experiences of cleaning up after drunken newbies who had their first ergoutous. Oh wait, this is the Hilton.. well my sweet lovely ayi from Dongbei would really enjoy (no, I mean she REALLY needs) the shower for the third time in her life.
Foriegn: Charlie Sheen. He knows how to behave himself and act reasonably at all times.
Famous: Keith Moon. We may need a couple more minibars though; and televisions.
Chinese: Bai Ling. Because sometimes just a little bit of crazy isn’t enough.
Friend: We might need one after we’re done. How about Paris? She can explain everything to senior management.


Guest Living in China: Stephon Marbury because you know that dude has been to a crazy hotel party or two in his day and he will know how to live it up.

Guest from abroad: Prince Harry because we have photographic evidence that guy knows how to party in a hotel.

Celebrity: Lady Gaga because she kills two birds with one stone. You can tell she likes a good party, plus she will be able to add some music to the festivities.

Friend: Charlie Silverman, the former City Weekend Beijing sports editor that has relocated back to the US, because it will be good to have him back in China for a bit, and the dude knows how to talk some smack, so I know he will be able to get Starbury and Prince Harry ralled up enough at each other there will be some good verbal fireworks.