Beers for Books update: Boat races, Beijing Beatles, Strange Brew, fold-it poems & more

If you got the guts, you might get the glory. (


Brussels will hold Beijing’s first “Beers for Books” event, on September 9, with the taps pouring from noon to midnight and rmb15 from every brew going to the Library Project. Brews start at rmb30 for Vedett Blonde and Vedett White. Look for a similar “Bubbly for Books” deal to soon be confirmed for those who prefer grape-based beverages whilst fundraising.

From brown ale roast potatoes to La Chouffe battered fish, the event will have a half-dozen beer-themed foods, say co-owners Jessie Wang and Kenn Bermel. There will be a children’s menu, with smaller portions, until 7 PM. I’ll post separately on the eats.

The lowdown on entertainment

Given their longstanding commitment to literary pursuits (think: Paperback Writer) and their equally longstanding commitment to beer (think: they like it), it only makes sense that the Beijing Beatles will play.

As a bonus, lead singer Don Lemmon a.k.a. Ian Burns will hold an unplugged singalong session in the afternoon to teach the youngsters a song or two (think: Yellow Submarine).

Also expect plenty of beer-themed videos, from movies Beerfest and Strange Brew to episodes from The Simpsons (think: Duff beer) and Laverne and Shirley. And expect a few book-themed movies  (think: The Jungle Book). (Have I worn out the “think: [fill in blnak]” gimmick yet? Yes? No? Think about it). Anyway, ff you have suggestions for videos, let me know at beijingboyce (at)

More stuff:

  • A boat race: We’re looking for two teams of four imbibers — each imbiber will need to drink two beers — to compete for the title of Champion of The First Ever Beijing Beers for Books Boat Race. If you want the glory, and think you have the (beer) guts, let me know at beijingboyce (at)
  • Lucky draws, including for two 1.5 liter bottles of beer — one of Duvel and one of “Big Chouffe“.
  • A fold-it poem writing contest.

More details are coming, including a minute-by-minute hour-by-hour schedule, but long story short: September 9, noon to midnight, with a Beers for Books food menu, a singalong, movies and TV shows, The Beijing Beatles, poems, draws, and more, plus reps from The Library Project on hand to deal with the money.

Oh, and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Note: For more info, see Bottoms up: Brussels to hold Beijing’s first ‘Beers for Books’ event.

“Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?” (

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  1. They need to sing the boat race song – it goes to that soccer-type “Ole ole ole oleeee” song, but instead of Ole it’s “Boat race”

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