Brussels adds Belgian beer flights: Vedett, La Chouffe, Slow Boat & more

Fasten your seat belts, fellow imbibers, because Belgian beer flights have landed in Brussels bar and restaurant. That formation above? Three mini mugs of Vedett Blonde, De Koninck and La Chouffe side by side on the Duvel runway. That is 500 ml of brew for rmb60.

Brussels will have two additional flights available, says Kenn Bermel:

  • Vedett Blonde, Vedett White and any Slow Boat draft for rmb50.
  • Any Vedett, either De Koninck or La Chouffe, and either Guinness or Strongbow cider for rmb70.

Also, Brussels no longer has draft Chimay Red. The distributor has removed that beer and numerous others. I’m not exactly sure why, and it is unfortunate since I am a fan of Chimay Red, but I imagine I will survive with the nine draft options now stocked by Brussels.

(By the way, I do realize Slow Boat and Guinness are not Belgian, and that Strongbow is a cider, so there — I’ve preemptively defused some disdainful comments and emails. The frustrated will have to take it out instead on a lackadaisical taxi driver or a jaywalking pedestrian.)

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  1. Slow Boat is Belgian! Chandler’s name is actually “Chandleur” and a majority of his ancestors were once textile smugglers in Ghent!

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