Where the Buffalo sauce roams: Five spots to play chicken in Beijing

Although Brussels aims to be more about mussels, it is the Buffalo chicken burger that gets my attention. Especially during lunch, when you can get that burger — two breaded chicken breast patties garnished with sauce, a touch of mayo, lettuce and tomato — plus fries and a soda for rmb20. Every day. From 11 AM to 3 PM. And not only is it a good-sized portion at a hard-to-beat price, but it also tastes very good, with that initial tang punch followed by a one-two zesty-spicy combo. In terms of combination of value and taste, it gets my vote for the moment.

But it is hardly the only place to get your Buffalo sauce fix. Here a few more. (By the way, this is not a comprehensive list, and I’m not saying these are the only good spots, so no need to send me any angry emails about some awesome place  I overlooked because, as I just noted, this is not a comprehensive list.)

The Box: A key to many a good Buffalo chicken burger is how many tissues one needs to finish. Paca Lee understands this and subsequently smothers that burger with sauce.

Home Plate BBQ: Like the ribs, this one is drier than at most places. The flavor is still good, though, but imagine how better this would if they dipped that bird in a bit more sauce.

Grinders: Two options here. Chicken breast cut into strips, breaded, deep-fried and coated with Buffalo Sauce. And  wings. For those on a budget, get them Buffalo-style on Tuesdays after 5 PM for two kuai each.

Union Bar & Grille: Ideal for those who prefer to keep their hands clean. Union does its drumsticks butterfly style, separating meat from bone and thus keeping your fingers relatively sauce-free. Classy. And while pricier than most, they are delicious. Union’s kitchen is slated to reopen on Friday night in case you have been missing the food.

Uncle Otis: The big question mark. The owners used to have a small Sanlitun joint called Cox that was popular with the wing crowd, particularly the portion of it that was drunk and famished at one in the morning. Will those wings return to the menu now that Uncle Otis has opened with a focus on rotisserie chicken? Only Uncle knows.

“Texas” and “Extra Mild”? Hmm. The jar, spotted at April Gourmet, that inspired this post.

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