Jump start: Blue Frog opens July 24 in Indigo with extra happy hour power

Blue Frog will officially open July 24 in Indigo Beijing in Lido with extra happy hour happiness. This is the tenth branch in China for Blue Frog, and before I get to the details of the newest one, four things I like about this company:

  • Blue Frog has a low key, highly efficient and no-nonsense approach to raising money for charity. If you went to this party, you showed up and forked over rmb100 for food and drink, and the money was gathered (rmb35,000+) and handed over to the charity (Operation Smile). Clean, simple and ranking up there as one of my favorite events with this fundraiser at Mosto.
  • Stuff gets fixed. To quote a previous post: “Last week, I found both plugs beneath that comfy cushioned bench just south of the bar to be malfunctioning. I mentioned it to [manager] Greg Dover and he said they would be fixed right away. I stopped in today and…. both plugs were replaced and working. A small matter, perhaps, but on such deeds is customer loyalty gained.”
  • Dover has come into his own. He was on the verge of working at the Mandarin Hotel before it literally went up in flames and had a stint at Room Beijing before joining Blue Frog. Although that hotel gig might have been nice, I can’t help but think being so deeply involved in developing the Blue Frog brand and opening more outlets, and doing well it at it, wasn’t a better outcome.
  • The chocolate chip cookie that comes with the set lunch is most excellent. Though it can be trying to decide whether to eat it right away, save it for the coffee or even keep it for the refill.

Anyway, on to Indigo.

Re the happy hour, patrons will have access to the same deal as at other branches: buy one, get one standard drinks from 4 PM to 8 PM. But for the first two weeks, every pair of customers enjoying happy hour will also get a free appetizer.

And of interest to the Lido lunch crowd, buy four business sets at rmb60 or rmb65, which include that cookie, and get one free.

The usual Blue Frog deals also apply in Indigo: buy one, get one burgers on Mondays from 4 PM to late, the rmb25 house pours and wines and select beers after 8 PM on Tuesdays, and the “steak out” Wednesdays, with a sirloin, soup and glass of wine at rmb180 from 4 PM.

The official address: Shop 167, 1F, 18 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District. The official phone number: 8426-0017.

And look for another charity bash on August 31, with the proceeds again going to Operation Smile.

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