Cheeky Iki: Korean restaurant’s new branch pops up beside Gung Ho in China View

Er lou at Iki...

The second branch of Shuangjing-based Korean restaurant Iki started grilling tonight beside Gung Ho pizza in the China View complex on Workers Stadium East Road. This branch has the same menu and much the same vibe as the original. Thus, fans of the smart design, including its comfy seating, industrial and wood touches, and soft lighting, and of the food, ranging from the barbecue to the mozzarella-topped bibimbap, should not be disappointed.

As in Shuangjing, this is a two-floor operation, though it looks about 50 percent bigger, with the upper level accessible via a glass staircase / walkway. The bar is up front for those who want to have one of the 20 or so Mojito options, Liefman’s on tap, or Korean beverages such as soju and makoli.

It was nice to knock back one of those bibimbaps, and a few grilled New Zealand mussels (excellent for garlic lovers), just a short walk from my home. Iki is open tonight until 10 PM, and from 6 PM to 1 AM, starting tomorrow.

Ironically, Gung Ho pizza is also opening another branch, its third, in Shuangjing today. Get double pizza points through June 19 when you order from there (5876-5262).

Put another mussel on the barbie...

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