Shuangjing special: 3 glasses of Slow Boat + 1 Bang! Bang! pizza = rmb88

Bang! Bang! is offering a deal next weekend — July 7 and July 8 — that should please the beer and pizza crowd.

Get three glasses of Slow Boat draft and a pizza for rmb88.

Given that Slow Boat sells at rmb40 and most Bang! Bang! pizzas are rmb60, that’s about rmb200 of face-stuffing for less than half the price. Not only that, but Bang! Bang! will open earlier, from noon, says co-owner Steve Williams.

No whey! 4corners delivers on fresh cheese curds for its tasty poutine

When I contacted chef Jun Trinh mid-afternoon today about the poutine status at 4corners, he sent an SMS about being “out in the boonies, trying to get some ingredients at a farm.” He also said the cheese curds he’d made earlier that week for the poutine needed to be changed and he would have something good in a few hours.

It isn’t easy or cheap to make cheese curds in Beijing, Trinh later explained. He ended up sourcing the milk from a farm outside Beijing and getting rennet from local cheese makers Le Fromager de Pekin. It took 20 litres of that milk just to make two kilos of cheese curds. And did those cheese curds, tasted on their own, pass the squeak test? That is, did they literally squeak a bit when chewed? Yes, they did! Trinh said they would be even better with a few more hours of work.

We wanted to do a more important taste test: those cheese curds with gravy and fries a.k.a. poutine. Given the difficulty of making cheese curds, my expectations were modest and Trinh’s dish easily surpassed them. My fellow co-tasters — a Chinese, an American and a Canadian — all gave the dish their nod of approval and I suggested Trinh add a straw so we could suck up the leftover gravy. In any case, I’ll add some black pepper next time, simply because that’s how I like mine, but this was good stuff.

Get a bowl of poutine this Saturday and Sunday for rmb6o or with a bottle of Moosehead for rmb88. Additional Mooseheads are rmb35.

(I know that photo isn’t the greatest but it does suggest the sloppy mess that is poutine.)

Q & Eh in Beijing: See how you do on Karl Long’s Canadian quiz

Who needs a helmet with a ‘do like that, eh?


Karl Long of Paddy O’Shea’s, Beijing’s only Irish-owned and Irish-managed bar within hurling distance of the Embassy of Canada, kindly included some Canuck content in his Wednesday quiz as part of Grade-Eh Week. Below are nine questions and answers from the quiz. If you want even more trivia, check out this alternative Canada quiz.


1. In the sport of curling, what is the four-letter word for the player who directs the sweepers and makes the decisions on game play?
2. What year was Justin Bieber born?
3. What was the name of the character Jim Carrey played in Dumb and Dumber?
4. How many oceans border Canada?
5.  What is the population to the closest million as per the last census (+/- 2 million)?
6.  When did “O Canada” officially become the national anthem: a) 1880; b) 1920; c) 1950; d) 1980?
7. When a Canadian gets his T4, what is it time to do?
8. What words are blanked out in this image?

9. Wayne Gretzky holds the record for most career regular-season points in the National Hockey League (NHL). How many (+/- 300 points)?


1. Skip
2. 1994
3. Lloyd Christmas
4. Three: Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic
5. 33 million (33.4 as per 2011 census)
6. 1980
7. Taxes
8. Tim Hortons
9. 2,857 points in 20 years

Kudos to Karl for the kickin’ quiz…

Canada Day Weekend 2012 in Beijing: Where to eat, drink and party

Canada Day 2012

Wear your good toque, eh?


Canada Day falls on a Sunday this year which means a full weekend of partying for those with a thing for The Great White North. Here is the lineup…



June 30, 3 PM

This annual event is organized by the Canada China Business Council. Here’s the blurb from CCBC’s website: “Don’t miss the largest celebration of Canadian culture and heritage for the Canadian community and our friends in Beijing. Come and enjoy great BBQ food, Canadian beer, special entertainment, sport contests and so much more!” The Fairmont Hotel will handle catering and have everything from burgers to Nanaimo bars.

The party starts at 3 PM and is rmb120 for adults (rmb100 prepaid), rmb60 for children 6 to 12 years old, and free for children 5 years and under. See more details on this CCBC page.



July 1, 11:30 AM

The Cut will hold a special edition of the hotel’s Sunday brunch, co-hosted by Canadian Embassy chef Rosalyn Ediger and Fairmont chef Marcus Routbard. We are talking everything from Alberta beef and poutine to “timbits” and Caesars. Brunch is rmb458 with soft drinks, rmb588 with Canadian wine, beer and cocktails, rmb688 with Champagne. Children under six eat for free, those aged six to twelve eat for half-price.

Routbard was recently quoted as saying he used a cowbell during rhythm gymnastics at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Did he really say that? This is your chance to ask him. In any case, best to RSVP as I already know several dozen people who plan to attend and The Cut only seats ~60.



July 1, 5 PM to 8 PM

Switch! will do a twist on its weekly rmb120 all-you-can-eat ribs, fries and broccolini deal by glazing that meat with maple syrup on July 1. The drink deals include five bottles of Moosehead for rmb100. And there will also be Caesars by the glass / pitcher. Again, best to RSVP for this one as a big chunk of the place will be filled with people from the alumni association.



July 1, ? PM

Expect more than a few Canadians to gather at 4corners in the evening for some Moosehead and poutine: chef Jun Trinh went all out and made cheese curds out of raw milk for the purists out there. More details coming re the party.



June 30-July 1

There will also be eats and drinks with Canadians themes at the Grade-Eh Week venues, including those listed above as well as A Food Affaire (Mom’s Beefy Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Nanaimo bars), No More Bunz (The Great Canadian Sausage), Starfish (clamato oyster vodka shots), The Irish Volunteer (Moosehead, Iced Tim Horton’s coffee, Sedin Twins pizza and more), Home Plate (Memphis poutine and Moosehead), The Box (poutine and beaver tails) and 12SQM (two-for-one Canadian Club).

See here for all details on the events, the food and drink specials, and spots that stock Moosehead.