High flyers: Results & photos from Hilton Beijing Pole-Dancing Competition IV

The fourth pole-dancing contest at Zeta Bar offered everything one might expect: high-flying antics, revealing costumes, plenty of hooting and hollering, and diligent amateur historians taking hundreds of photos to ensure the night was properly documented and lives on forever.

I arrived late at the Hilton Beijing and thus only saw the last two dancers — three, if you count marketing director Sandy Yang, who showed us some onstage moves — and the “pose down” at the end. I came away impressed at the attitude and athleticism of the contestants.

Sure, there are lots of “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” comments at such an event. But anyone who can hang from a pole at 90 degrees while three meters above a stage and wearing heels — and still smile — well, let’s just say, it ain’t easy. I also saw many women at the event: quite a few of them, as well as some guys, were inspired to pose and try a few moves with the pole after the dancers had long gone.

Here are the winners from the contest, organized with Love Show Studio. The top three dancers were decided by the judges and Miss Pole-pular was decided by crowd vote:


Ms. Zhenzhen / Contestant Six

First Runner-up
Ms. Xiaoping / Contestant Seven

Second Runner-up
Ms. Jiali / Contestant Two

Miss Pole-pular
Ms. Vivi / Contestant Eight

As noted in the title: high flyers
The crowd voted for Miss Pole-Pular.
The winner, a Love Show Studio rep and the judges
The contestants