Project Tong Li update: The Beijing beer schnapps is in the American barrel

The barrel (on the right)

Back in October, I wrote about Project Tong Li (桶李), which came about after I tried the tasty 40-percent beer schnapps distilled at Drei Kronen 1308 and was able to acquire a 50-liter American oak barrel from one of China’s best wine makers, Li Demei, and hand it over so that the guys at DK 1308 and Great Leap could fill it with some of that booze and attempt to make some kind of whiskey. Long sentence. Anyway, if you want more details, see the original post.

Carl Setzer of Great Leap informs me the beer schnapps is now in the barrel. They decided to first age Russian Imperial Stout in the barrel but now the schnapps is in there. Well, actually, 18 liters of schnapps in in there. More will be added as it is distilled, with the barrel then being stored in a cave near Great Leap’s Great Wall operation for 30 months or so.

More updates to come…